Friday, April 28, 2006

Week 20 - Day 5: It is Time

Well, it is finally time. Briar and I got up and made it to the Rec Center around 6:00 a.m. this morning. Briar had 3 miles left to complete his 25.2 miles, and we decided ahead of time that we'd do an out and back on the greenway to get 2 miles (my training called for 2 miles), and then we'd go up to the track inside the rec center and do his last mile sprinting and walking. I really like for him to run a few sprints each time he runs distance, too, because I don't want to neglect any fast twitch muscles he might have. I've always heard if kids run distance and no sprints it makes them slow. We don't want that. So anyways, it was a beautiful morning. Briar was in a great mood, and as we approached the Little Duck River that runs through the park, we noticed it was steaming from where it was a little cool, but the sun was out bright. Briar really liked that. We also saw a deer and tried to get a picture, but it was too fast for us. We did our out and back right in twenty minutes. I felt good. Briar felt good too. We had a nice time. We got back to the rec center and I stretched while Briar sprinted a lap/walked a lap until he had his mile. We went to the Donut Palace afterwards because that's what he wanted for breakfast, went home and got ready, and then he was off to school.

My plans were to spend the day packing, cleaning, and getting ready to go to the Expo and the hotel tonight, but they were interrupted by my workplace, who called several times. I ended up having to log in and work for about 4 hours. Ugh. I was pretty upset. Anyways, we finally left around 4:30. We took Bo and Wrigley to my mother (they are coming to see me finish tommorrow - Holly too!! Yea!), and set out for Nashville. I liked the Expo, I thought it was better than last year. More free stuff anyways. I bought a couple of shirt that I really like, and then we went to Olive Garden with Gary and Tracy. Then back to the hotel to rest.

I guess the next time I enter a post here, the marathon will be over! Say a prayer for me!!!!

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E-Speed said...

Good Luck Lana! Way to Go Briar!