Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week 18 - Day 4: Feeling Better

Ok. So now you probably think I'm manic. I went out and ran my 6 miles at lunch today while at work and felt pretty good. I failed to bring my Garmin to work with me today, so I didn't have to stare at my pace and yell at myself. Maybe that's why I felt better. I ran the same 6 mile route that Holly and I ran a couple weeks ago. The sun was shining beautifully, and it felt wonderful. I had mostly positive thoughts, and all in all I enjoyed the run. I'm going to go ahead and run my 12 miler tommorrow. I di d well with my diet today, and let me note that I did not eat breakfast. I am about to start thinking that eating breakfast is the culprit. I normally don't eat breakfast; I just drink coffee. But since I've been training hard, I started eating some oatmeal or cereal. The thing about it is that I always feel hungrier at lunch when I eat breakfast. It doesn't at all do for me what you would think it would. But everybody says you should eat it. I am starting to believe that my body just deals with eating breakfast different than the average Joe's. off to bed....

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