Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 18 - Day 1: Back at it

The day after a long run is supposed to be rest or cross training. I chose cross training this morning at 5:30 am since my knee still hurt with every step. I went to the pool and swam a mile (32 laps) and totally enjoyed it! I appreciated the fact that I could get a work out without an injury nagging me and sending negative thoughts through my head. I wish I could swim like that with every trip to the pool. The water didn't bother ears...I was relaxed, and moving on. That whole water in the ears thing is probably mental anyways. Probably just a lack mental fortitude like most of whining is about. But I did have a good swim, and a good day at work.
While at work, I took Aleve until my knee stopped hurting. I started with 2, then took one more an hour later, then one more, and then one more until I could tell it was feeling better. That's probably a no no....but it helped my knee anyways. It helped enough that I decided to go ahead and try running my 5 miles of fartleks on the treadmill while Briar practiced with the swim team. I did the 5 miles in 44:46 and never felt pain in my knee. I am quite confused by this, unless it has everything to do with the Aleve. This morning, I could barely walk up the steps at the office on this knee - and by 5 p.m., it's carrying me 5 miles on the treadmill at less than 9 minutes/mile. I'm going ahead and going to see Jay tommorrow anyways, though. I still need some assurance that it's not going to break down on me after 10 miles.

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Michele said...

I am SO glad your knee felt better last night. You just keep taking those Aleve and worry about your liver after this race :-)
Make sure you are eating while taking them. Maybe I should start on the Aleve, I need an excuse to eat like I have been.