Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Week 20 - Days 1 and 2: The Final Week and I'm Vomiting

Oh my goodness. So Day 1, as I said previously, didn't work out for a run so I rested. I actually got into the bed on time and had a good night's sleep. I had previously arranged to meet my sister, Holly, at 5:30 a.m. for 5 miles on Day 2. The schedule had called for 5 miles of Fartlek on Day 1 and 4 miles on Day 2. Since I skipped out on day 1, I decided to just run an easy 5 miles miles this morning. We started at her house and ran the same route I did last week's 5 mile run. I felt okay until the last mile. We climbed a fairly steep little hill behind my friend, Sage's, house, and it wore me down. I got that same feeling I had during the last mile of the 8 mile run. But we kept going and finally finished the 5 miles in 49:04 - 9:49 pace again. I felt bad when we finished. Holly offered me a Flintstone's vitamin (she takes them every day), and I took her up on it because at this point I'll take anything to make me feel better. I went home and made coffee, got Briar out of bed for school, let Wrigley out, and started getting ready. I had drank quite a bit of water because I felt so tired, and then I started feeling sick. I didn't feel like coming to work, but I really felt like I needed to with the new contract phase in. My drive to work is about 20 minutes, and I felt really bad the whole way. And about the time I was about to pull into the parking lot.......I'll let you figure out the rest. I did manage to get my door open and hang my head out enough that I didn't get any on me. But it was violent (I alway make a scene when I vomit anyways). It was just a ton of water and the half of banana I ate when I got home from running. I don't know if it was the vitamin or what...but I did start feeling better shortly thereafter. I went on in to work and felt good enough to have Chicken Casserole for lunch.
I am thinking I may not do much of anything else until the marathon, Saturday. The schedule says 5M tommorrow, rest Thursday, 2 Friday, then race...but I may just do nothing other than the 2 miles Friday. I figured Briar and I could run those last 2 miles of our training together. Anyone...anyone...who has any comments or advice on my physical condition lately...they are coveted. I am very nervous about Saturday. I've never really followed a plan like this before...I've always just done my workouts whenever and however I could get them in. I've never really even tapered like this before...so just the fact that I'm not running a whole lot lately makes me nervous in itself. When I ran the CM Half Marathon last year, I did my longest run of 12 miles 6 days before the actual event, ran a couple of 4's the week of, and a 6 miler on the Thursday beforehand. I never really thought that might be too much for the week of the event. So this is just all new territory for me. The unknown is way too scary.


E-Speed said...

I think the vomiting may just be nerves? But if you are really worried I would try toget in to see the doc stat!

Hope you are feeling better. I only ran twice the week before Boston and it didn't seem to hurt anything (6 miles on the track Tuesday and 2.8 miles the day before the race (sunday))

Michele said...

I am sure it is just nerves. Remember last summer when you had to quit racing because you just couldn't take anymore stress???
This race is not life or death for us and we are not going to "win" so let's just take it easy and have some fun. And on Saturday we will join that 0.1% that can call themselves marathoners!!!