Saturday, April 15, 2006

Week 18 - Day 5: Running With The Boys

Day 5 of Week 18 was Good Friday, and Briar got out of school at 12:30. So I talked him and Bo into going to the Westwood Jr. High Track with me. Briar needed to get in some more miles anyways...I think he only had about 12. So Bo and I picked him up and we headed to the track. I only needed 3 miles today. I had originally planned to go ahead and do my 12 miler today, but I didn't really see a way to get it in and get back in time to get Briar to school. So I stuck with the scheduled 3 miles. We had a good time...Briar ended up running 2 miles, and Bo ran quite a bit also. It was very warm, and we drained a water bottle that I had brought. When we got finished, I had a flash back of my high school basketball days and talked Briar into running some bleachers with me - He loved it. And just like in High School, about 3 am the next morning I woke up with a cramp in my calf!! Anyways, 3 more miles down for me. 2 more miles down for Briar.

Bo caught a ride back to the car!

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