Sunday, August 05, 2007

Staggerwing Duathlon '07: Race Report

Saturday I competed in my first duathlon - the Staggerwing Dualthon in Tullahoma. It was my sister, Holly's, first multisport event all together. This event takes place right beside a small airport, and it's where I train during my lunch break. So I know the course. Very well.

I picked Holly up at 6:05 a.m. and we headed to the race site. As we pulled in, our friend tri-friend, Mike, pulled in right behind us in his BMW convertable. For some reason, it seemed like it took us forever to get situated and set up in transition. I didn't like my transition spot, and I was a little ticked at myself for still not having my tri-shoes ready(I bought tri shoes at the beginning of this year but have yet to even put the cleats on them). I knew that every second would be crucial in an event like this. It's a 4k run, 19 mile bike, 4k run. But it was getting close to start time so we went on up to the top of hill. We saw my mom and dad pull in as we were walking up.

Holly took off in the second group, and me, Michele, Kim, Mike, Lynn - a friend from swimclass, and one of Lynn's friends all took off in the 4th group. Man, it was hot. I felt okay during most of the first run, but I couldn't keep up with Lynn, who was about a minute ahead of me. As I came into T-1 I glanced down at my watch to see 19:50. My goal was under 20 minutes for both runs, but I knew that this was way too close for the first one.

T-1 Time: 1:02

So I jumped on my bike and took off on a mission. I hammered. And hammered. And hammered some more. I kept thinking:

"Lana, your legs are going to be toast!"

And then I would think:

"But this is your chance. This is may not can run fast, but you can ride this bike. You better get out in front as far as you possibly can."

So I kept hammering, and I caught Lynn on the big down hill a few miles into the course. Have I ever said that I LOVE riding my bike? I love it. I heart it. I crave it. I passed lots of people on it. And it made me feel good. I even flew by a man as we were coming back up the big hill. But...too soon the fairy tale was over.

Bike Time:55:22, 20.2mph average

T-2 Time: 37 seconds

And it was time to dig deep. Man, you could see the pain on every body's faces. I met Holly after a turn around, and wondered if I could catch her. She smiled and waved at me. Then I met Michele and she looked pretty strong. She said I could catch Holly, but I wasn't so sure about that. We made it to the runway for the last mile and a half, and I could tell Holly was slowing down. I was getting closer. We met again at the final turnaround, and I thought I might have had a shot at catching her if she continued to slow down...but she turned around and saw me coming and picked back up her pace. I finished a couple minutes behind her, and she looked strong. I certainly didn't feel very strong, but it was better than I thought. My second run was 21:45.

Total Time:1:38:34

3rd Place overall female.

Holly got 3rd place in her age group, and Michele got 2nd place in hers. Lynn got 1st place in her age group. There were lots of people doing this race or volunteering that we know, so it was a great time. And a great post race party. We shuttem' down this time, even staying to help clean it up.

Post race celebration part 2 took place poolside at Michele's. The margaritas were plentiful. ;)

Holly finishing up

Holly on her swwwweeeeeet bike!

Our friend Steve - this was his first multi-sport event as well!

Mike crossing the finish line

I had to sit down afterwards - I felt sick and my heart rate wouldn't come on down for some reason (not sure what that was about)

Holly, Michele, Lynn, and me

Celebrate good times!!

Michele, Steve, Holly, Me, and Mike

Me and Holly with our mom - prerace, but already sweating

And The Flash with his daughters - thanks to him for all pics!


lisa Sabin said...

Nice job. Congratulations!

You inspire me to take on the duathlon. I do triathlons and run 5k-Marathon. Swimming is my weak sport.

Michele said...

Great race, you rocked!

Congrats on your 3rd place overall finish even if it did cost me a 1st place ag ;)

Just in case flash doesn't see it on my blog, be sure and tell him thanks for me.

Tri-Dummy said...

Fantastic...way to push it on the bike...and it paid off.

Kate said...

Great work on the overall placing!! You look strong and happy in all those pics :-)

Benson said...

Nice race and loved the report. Great pics too.

Papa Louie said...

Congratulations on your 3rd place overall!

Rae said...

Way to go!! That's so awesome for all of you! They have some seriously cute awards. I'm going to have to pay attach next year and not think about doing it once the late fee gets jacked up!!