Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Am I Standing Still?

Cuttin through the darkest night
In my two headlights
Im trying to keep it clear
But I'm losing it here
To the twilight
Theres a dead end to my left
Theres a burning bush to my right
You aren't in sight
You aren't in sight

Do you want me
Like I want you?

Or am I standing still?
Beneath the darkened sky
Or am I standing still?
With the scenery flying by
Or am I standing still?


I'm pretty sure Sub 4 doesn't want me like I want him. I'm pretty sure he's got enough members of his club to keep him satisfied.

Ok, so I've been running a lot lately. So much that I obviously haven't had time for blogging between running, biking, demolishing my bike, football, soccer, oh yeah - and work. And yeah, I did say "demolishing my bike". What you see here is the two sides of the fork still attached to my roof rack. The bike is hanging off the back of the vehicle.

After our 40 mile ride Saturday and Briar's football scrimmage I decided to try and drive into my garage while chatting on my cell phone and forgetting that my precious bike is on my roof rack. Crunch. Not. Good. Go ahead and laugh. No, I didn't cry. It's a material possession. You only cry over those on rare occasions. Besides that, what can I say? I was chatting on my cell phone instead of paying attention. My own damn fault. The damage? I need a new fork, new shifters, adjustment to my rear derailer, and my rear wheel is out of true. MOAB says $300 and it's done by Friday. I said do it. Let's hope it's really done by Friday, because Saturday is the Star Triathlon. Something we will discuss further at another time.

Back to the running. I last posted last Wednesday, one week ago. Here's the training since:

Thursday 8/23: 4 mile recovery run and 1000 yd swim
Friday 8/24: 14 mile long run (9:10/mile)
Saturday 8/25: 40 mile ride
Sunday 8/26: 8 mile general aerobic run (9:47/mile)
Monday 8/27: 4 mile recovery run (10:02/mile) *supposed to be 5 but I mistakenly thought it was 4
Tuesday 8/28: 10 mile general aerobic run (9:54/mile)

So while I'm running, sometimes I feel like I'm standing still. Is that crazy? It's like I get into a zone, and I don't even feel the effort at some points. Like I'm just standing there. And like I could go on forever. Of course, after a few more miles I snap out of it. That has just started happening recently. It first started during my 8 mile lactate threshold run on 8/20. When I finished the LT miles that were below 8:30/mile, and I ran the cool down miles up over 9:30/mile, I felt like I was standing still. Little to no effort. And I've been feeling it in other runs too. I like it. It sure beats the hell out of feeling like you are dying. And that's how I felt Tuesday, by the way. No standing still during that 10 miler. Oh yeah, and Sunday's 8 miler that was followed by 10x100 strides - not good. There were times during that run that I had the standing still feeling, but when we got done and started those strides I felt my yet-to-be-digested-greasy-dinner-because-I-ate-right-before-running starting to cause a fuss. As soon as #10 was complete, I went home and bowed to the Porcelain Goddess. It wasn't pretty. Let's just say I've learned my lesson about eating greasy foods before running. This time. For sure. Anyways...

Today is a rest/cross training day. So far it has been pure rest, and I am loving every restful minute of it.


Curly Su said...

I did that a couple of years ago; I was on the cell phone too...

It makes you feel sick to your stomach, I know. I hope everything goes well with the repairs...

Papa Louie said...

Cell phone chatting and bike roof racks sound like a bad combo. I'll remember not to have both. I never did like roof racks. Anyway, sorry to hear about the damage.
Keep running.

Benson said...

Bummer about the bike but good to know it'll be fixed.

Great training and wish I had that "standing still" feeling. I usually suffer alot whenever I run. I'm hoping for the day it feels less like buckets on my feet.

Flatman said...


Tri-Dummy said...

Crunching your bike...$300.

Ralphing up your dinner...$5.95

Throwing down some hardcore training...PRICELESS.

Lance Notstrong said...

Ouch!!! That sucks about your bike.

Stephanie said...

I've done that a)not only once but twice, and b)while not talking on a cell phone. Horrible. I killed the first bike and had to replace a fork on the second one. I no longer have a roof rack - DH doesn't allow it.