Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bo goes to Kindergarten

This is his first full week of school. He is loving it. He has his friends Nicholas and Julia in his class with him. And he has his first soccer practice tomorrow.

Soccer practice, I say. And guess who is his coach?


Yes, that's right. I am. Mary Beth(Nicholas's mom) and I sorta like gotta our arms twisted into it. I know, I know I said I wasn't going to coach any sports for a while. But what do you say? I know NOTHING about soccer. NOTHING. So I got online and printed out a bunch of drills and games. Games, because this is gonna be some very laid back U6 soccer. T-ball is not laid back. It's about winning, right? Hehe...I'm smiling, I swear. I also went and bought myself a whistle, though, too. Because I have to have some order. We'll see how this is going to go. I'm scared. Five year olds that I don't know scare me.

And let me fill you in on Briar. He's playing football, and I'm staying out of it. It seems to work better that way with him. He's having a ball. He's playing QB on offense and cornerback on defense. They had a scrimmage the other day and he caught 2 interceptions on defense!!! It just being a scrimmage I had to just sit there and not, like, stand up and dance, but OMG I wanted to.

Today was a rest/cross training day and guess what I actually did?!?!?! I cross trained!! I got back on my bike at lunch and road a flat route for 14.8 miles in 45:53. It was hot and it felt great! Oh yeah, I also did something else - I signed the dotted line(A.K.A. entering my credit card number into and clicking "submit") for Rocket City. It's official.


Lance Notstrong said...

If you have a whistle, then it's offical, YOU are a coach :-)

Are you going to have your very own "Mom" TD dance for when Briar scores? :-)

david said...

Enjoy your time with them because they grow up WAY to fast.

jkrunning said...

awwwww. Your a good mom. I got roped into coaching soccer last year. It was....ummm interesting. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Benson said...

Yeeeeeeaaaaay for Soccer mom's!

Tri-Dummy said...

Cool that you're coaching soccer for Bo. I coach a traveling team, so if you need some drills or help let me know.

Rae said...

What a cutie!

I'm sure you will be a GREAT coach! Run those kids!

Mallie said...

Lana, I played soccer for years and coached at various levels, including rec and school teams. Holler if you want some tips! You've got the right idea on the games and drills, Make 'em fun while the kids learn.