Monday, September 17, 2007

Music City Triathlon

Well, Sunday was the Music City Intermediate Distance Tri. Just to be blunt about it, I was not excited about going. I am a little tired from marathon training. I have had a few aches and pains as well - my right ankle, the top of my left foot, and my IT band in my left leg had all been screaming at me during the weekend. BUT - I have been signed up for some time now, so I was going. In regards to my marathon training program, I was simply substituting this triathlon for the 10 mile LT run that was on the schedule for this very day. The LT run was supposed to be 10 w/5 miles at 15k to half mary pace. So a 10k at said pace after a 1k swim and a 40k bike seemed like a fair swap to me. That being said - I declared with all honesty that I would not be "racing" this race. Only "participating". Using it as training.

And that's what I did. It was cold when we got there, and the water temp was 74 degrees - wetsuits allowed - YES! When we got in the water, it felt quite warm, though. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a mass start my age group, and there were only 22 in my AG. When it came our time we tip-toed out into the water and took off on "Go". I swear it didn't take but about 30 seconds, and I felt like I was all alone. I guess that's good from a physical contact standpoint, but not good for my ego, nor for my attitude about this tri to begin with. But I made it to the end, and was disgusted as I stepped onto the beach and saw that my watch said "33:something". But I trotted on towards T-1 and got a little pumped up when I heard my swim coach/Ironman Ashley Whitney yelling for me!!Official Swim Time:33:37

I took my time in T-1. Took forever getting that wetsuit off and everything. I just wasn't motivated for speed.Official T-1 Time:2:00

I got on the bike, and geared down immediately because I figured high cadence was my best bet for today. I tried to keep my heart rate down and my cadence at 80, no matter who passed me. I got passed by, I think, one person in my age group, and I just let 'er go. I got passed by several 20 somethings and quite a few fast men, too. At one point it rained on us, and I was extra cautious - no need to risk a crash when I'm not going for time anyways.Official Bike Time:1:11:36

I got back to T-2 and was really glad to get the run started. I was worried that my shoes would cause blisters since they had been rained on (I do not wear socks), but not much I could do about it. I got my shoes on and took off down the aisle and reached the center when a volunteer yelled "wrong way - exit to the other side!" So I turned around and ran back down the aisle to the end, exited transition, and hit my lap button on my watch. Official T-2 Time:1:24

Now, the run. Finally the run. The reason I'm here - to push this run. I knew it was hilly, so I took off conservatively. I ran up the first big hill and felt winded, but good. By about mile 2 my running legs were ready to push. So I gradually increased my pace and really had a good time during this run. I saw Tom on the way out, then Michele, Patrick , Mike and Tonya on the way back in. During the last mile I really pushed harder. I flew down the last hill without holding back and it felt great.Official Run Time:50:28.

Official Race Time:2:40:34
6th place out of 22 in my AG

Now. It was fun. It really was. I enjoyed it. Sorta. But I just don't know that I really enjoy races where you don't give 100%. You know, "races" as "training". It doesn't really feel right to me. To just "let 'er go" on the bike. It's like a conflict of interest. An oxymoron. However, I think I could get over that feeling, except for one thing. And you gotta know what that is. I mean...IT'S ALL FINE AND GOOD UNTIL YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE RESULTS. I should have never looked at them. Seeing my name below some of the people that it has been above all summer is disappointing. And it's like my friend, Joe, says "it sorta feels like being stomped in public". But I'm going to have to learn to deal with it for Ironman, I guess. I just have to consider that you never know what people are doing out there on any given day. Maybe they're "racing"...maybe they're "training". And perhaps I should consider that it's possible that when my name appears above them on the results at certain races, they may not have been going all out on that day, either. In other words...humble your ass, Lana. We're all out there just having fun staying in shape.

Speaking of Joe - many congrats to him on his 1:44:25 half mary this weekend!!! I SOOOO called that finish time, by the way. And I can also use this as a lesson for myself - because Joe is normally a 1:20:something half marathoner, but he has been sacrificing his speed for the sake of going long for the past year or so. He is training with Michele and I for the Rocket City Marathon, promising to get us to that finish line in under 4 hours. Although he said something about 3:30 today...which I completely ignored.

On a positive note, I really feel like I have a good grip on the Olympic, or Intermediate distance triathlon now. It was my 3rd one, and the distance was very comfortable in all 3 events. So let's go for more!


Phil said...

That's one heck of a warm up for a LT run! Congrats. As you mature as an athelete you'll be able to participate in these as training without feeling that you need to crush everyone around you (I can't do it, but I know you can). My buddy Mike runs marathons for some of his long runs while training for a specific marathon. He gets in a totally supported long run and doesn't feel beat up the next morning.

You're doing fantastic.

Rae said...

Great job on the tri! It's hard to believe tri season is over for now. Sunday was a strange mix of odd weather.

I feel about as unexcited about the half this Sat as you did for this tri! I think some of that also has to do with the fact I know I am going to get DQ'd because I'm wearing my ipod, really only because they have a rule against it.

See you Sat!

TJ said...

i just consider the "training" races catered training sessions with a cheering section. helps ease the ego a bit....

Benson said...

Good job Lana. You made it "your" race and nevermind the rest of them. You're doing it right, all of it.

Lance Notstrong said...

I "trained" a 1/2 marathon last year a month before my full marathon. Nothing wrong with using events to train :-)

BTW, was that a typo or were you saying a high cadence for you was "80"?

Bob Gentile said...

Good Job Lana way to fight through the aches & pains and pony up...congrats and way to end the post on a positive note! bottom line is it all counts and sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, it's called character building :-) u done good and will be stronger from this race

Anonymous said...

Lana is a great competitor and you should be ready if you challenge her in anything but also she is a great freind to my wife and encourages her and trains with her, if at slower pace for Lana, my wifes time is always improved mostly from the companionship.