Tuesday, June 27, 2006

McMinnville City Triathlon 06: Race Report

We spent the night with J.T.'s parents in McMinnville Friday night, so I got to sleep a little later this time. I made my way over to the race around 6:15. I got set up in transition, visited the restroom, and did some stretching. When I came back to my transition area, someone said "Hey Lana." I looked up and it was one off my best friends from high school (and jr. high, and elementary!). Ross Stephenson. He was #160 and I was #159. How cool!! This was his first triathlon, and he was nervous. I never got real nervous this time, so maybe I'm getting over that. We all got lined up, and it was my turn in no time. The 350m swim went well, no real congestion at the walls, and plenty of room. I got passed in the next to last length by some girl who was flying, and then I looked around and Michele was beside me too. We exited the pool and entered transition together. Official Swim Time: 00:07:33

I made a point to get in and out in T1. No messing around. But I've still got some room for improvement there. Official T1 Time: 00:01:25

I took off on the bike and things were going great until about 3/4 of a mile into it when my chain fell off. "I knew it!! I knew better than to go all the way up on the rear derailer then try to shift the front down onto the small chainring!! Stupid!" It takes me forever to get the chain back on. I could see the people flying by, and the time ticking away. I finally did get it back on, and when I got ready to mount my bike I saw that my hands were covered in black grease. "Should I wipe this on my shorts? Or get it on my handlebars? Shorts or handlebars? Make a decision, you've got to go!" I decided on the shorts...and they became black too. I spent the entire bike ride trying to make up all the ground I possibly could. I was so mad about the chain I could barely see straight. I even passed Michele at some point and didn't even realize it until returning to transition. And to make things worse, after I got the chain back on I couldn't get it onto the top chainring. When I finally did, I had to ride the rest of the race there. I am thankful there weren't any major climbs. I was pretty discouraged throughout the bike leg, but told myself to suck it up and finish as fast as possible. Official Bike Time: 47:23 (I know this would have been atleast 2 minutes better without the mechanical problems...possibly more. Disappointing.)

As I rode into T2, I saw my Dad running over to snap pics. I slipped on my shoes (no socks), grabbed a Hammer Gel and my race number belt, and took off. Official T2 Time:00:52

As I headed out for the run, I glanced at my watch to see where I was. I had told myself before the race that if I came out of transition around 1:55 I was doing great. After the bike incident, I figured I wouldn't be close. So when I saw 1:57, I was pleased. After about a half mile, I heard footsteps and decided I'd try to keep them behind me. I did, until I had about a half mile to go. It was a girl that I remember from that triathlon last year, and she sped up and went by me. I didn't have enough left to hang. UGH. I had to let her go. Soon after, I passed by my Dad, J.T., Briar, Bo, and J.T.'s parents! That was a huge encouragement! I pushed on ahead, passed a few people near the end, and finished the race strong. Official Run Time: 24:00

Total Race Time: 1:21:15

That's over 5 minutes better than last year, and with some bad luck on the bike. It was also good enough to get me 3rd place in my age group. All in all, I am happy with it.

Between the end of the Triathlon and the Awards ceremony, Team-Magic had a "Small Fry Tri" for ages 3-6. Bo, my 4 year old, was very excited about doing this!!! It was awesome. All the kids lined up, ran through 4 kiddie pools and a sprinkler for the "swim leg".

They then hopped on their bikes and rode down the path a ways to point where volunteers instructed them to stop. Bo was really into it! He was doing great!

When they got to the "transistion area", they hopped off their bikes and turned around to run back through the official race finish line. As Bo took off running, he lost one of his shoes (maybe Crocs weren't the best choice!) but he kept right on running!! He ran hard all the way through the finish!!! I think he has a future in Triathlon!!!!

Notice he didn't even bother taking off his helmet!!

No time to go back and get the shoe!! (That's my boy!!)

Gotta catch this guy before the finish line!!!

All the kids got a medal!


LeahC said...

your son is so cute!!! i love that he ran without one of his shoes. nice job on the 5 minute improvement even with the chain mishap...i would have been a maniac....

Bridgette said...

How awesome that they had the kids do a tri! He looks like he had so much fun!!

TriSaraTops said...

Great race report--your Dad ROCKS for being your photographer! :) And the pics of Bo are soooo cute---I love the one-shoe and helmet look! ha ha

mouse said...

I agree, the pics of Bo are adorable! you've definitely got yourself an athlete there.

great job on the huge improvement! and you look so strong in your pictures. Awesome, woman!

backofpack said...

Lana, you look great in the pictures - confident and strong. Five minutes is a huge improvement, even with the chain thing.

Bo is so cute! He looks very proud in the last picture.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

How insanely cute!!! You do seem to have a future triathlete on your hands.

You did well too!! The pictures look amazing.

DaisyDuc said...

Way to go despite the chain trouble! What a nice improvement, 5 minutes is alot!

The kid pics are so cute!!!

Michele said...

I still can't believe you smoked me so bad on the bike even with that chain trouble, then to pass me on a curve without so much as a "Hi". :-)

Great job. 5 mins is a HUGE improvement.

Tell your dad I said thanks for all the great pics.

rice said...

Going through with one shoe.. What a trooper!



Cliff said...

Your son is so cute. One shoe on..with a helmet. That's how triathlon should be :)

Once again..congrat on yoru race. U had some mechanical mishap but u still push it through.

Those transition time is fast. I have to wrok on that.

Lance Notstrong said...

Wow, to have to finish the ride on your big ring.....that's tough!!! Mechanical problems suck, but sometimes they can give you an extra boost of "want to".

The kids tri is neat!!! It's always nice to be able to bring the kids and have fun with them :-)

david said...

What a great race. You did great. I like the report on Bo's race.

Rae said...

Awesome job!!!! Congrats on placing, too!

I love the kids race, what a cute idea!!! I'm thinking Bo is going to rock the tri one day!

qcmier said...

Nice job!!! That kids race was awesome!!! Nothing wrong with running with your helmet on. =)

E-Speed said...

Holy cow your kid is too freaking cute! And damn girl you look great in that run photo! Great job!