Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Calling All Expert Swimmers...

If you haven't already, check out the cool swimming video (in my last post - the McMinnville Tri Race Report) that my husband shot during my last tri. If you watch carefully when I make the turn at the wall, you'll see a swimmer with a bright greenish-yellow swim cap coming up behind me. That is Michele! Give her 100 more yards, and she catches me, and we exit the pool together (Nice job, Michele!). Do any of you experts see anything that stands out to you about my stroke or my swimming in general that makes me a slow poke? I swam the 350 meters in 7:33. If you see something funky, please let me know!! Any and all advice is welcome!


Michele said...

I want to know who the chick in the blue cap is? She flew past me.

Hey, you made a great turn. Check out my pic, I am facing the wrong way at the wall for my turn. Gotta work on those turns. No turns at waterfront!!!!

Cliff said...


My swim coach helped me a lot.

Most importantly he shows me the right way of swim. I mean, the right feel of swimming.

In Nov, I struggled with two laps. Now I am swimming 40 laps. He helped a lot.

My coach has a triathlete beginning swim class. I took that. Afterwards, I meet with him once every 5 weeks. He see how I swim, shows me the drills and I do the drills. Right now I go with him in open water b/c that's my weakness.

I figure I will continue to see him to get my swim time below 20 min per km.

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Pffffttt... Swimming will always be a great mystery to me.

You did great!

Lance Notstrong said...

You definitely don't want any tips from me!!! Nice video though :-) It's cool that you travel with your own personal film and photo crew :-)

rice said...

Ok I watched it about a dozen times last night and thought of it most of the day. I thought I had it.. I think your putting to much effort into rotating your upper body from side to side in your stroke and not cutting in deep enough with your forward reach, maybe reach out a little farther then you will get a little more pull off every stroke. But then I got home and took a second look at it and it was not as bad as I thought. So for what its worth.



Joe said...

Your stroke looks really good to me and your time is good as well. If I had to be really picky, I'd say that perhaps your left arm is sweeping slightly too far under your body. Two possible ways to correct this:
1) Practice breathing on both sides to balance your stroke. Breath either every third stroke or breath on one side one length and on the other side the next length.
2) Dor the one arm freestyle drill, breathing on the side your are NOT pulling on. It's hard but may help balance the stroke.