Monday, June 12, 2006

Watermelon Hill

The alarm went off at 4:45 this morning. I turned it off, and the thought started swarming: "You are sleeping SO well - don't get up." "You can workout later." "All this sleep you've been getting is good for you." "If you try to get up and work out right now it's gonna hurt."

But thankfully, like the knight in shining armor, came the counters: "You've had a good nights sleep, now get up and get moving." "There is no working out later, girl, the Little League Tourney starts tonight and Briar plays at 7:00." "The longer you give in to the demons, the harder it will be to fight them. Stop it right now. Get up, and get on your bike."

So I got up. And I decided, that today, I would tackle "Watermelon Hill". Legend has it, in my county, that back in the older days when trucks would haul watermelons up this certain hill on this certain highway - that it was so long and so steep the watermelons would come rolling off the back of the truck...and that people would stand waiting on the side of the highway to grab one.

Everytime J.T. and I drive up that hill, I make the comment that I need to try and ride my bike up it. So today I did it...and it wasn't all that at all. The fact that I went down on the other side, then back up and down another one that was almost as hard, then turned around and came back by doing it all again(out and back) made it a good, tough ride...but it wasn't as difficult as I had expected. I'm not sure if I am stronger or if it's just not as mean as it looks. For now, I'm going with the "I'm stronger".

Anyways, I rode 19.42 miles up and down hills in 1:10:00. 16.5 mph average. And I no longer have Watermelon Hill hanging over my head.


backofpack said...

I'm thinking you are stronger. Those hills are always as tough as they look. Always.

Way to get yourself out of bed too!

Michele said...

Ok, where is watermelon hill? You know now I have to try it.

Great time, didn't have me out there slowing you down.

Papa Louie said...

You conquered the hill! Now go out and eat a watermelon!

LeahC said...

i love when that happens. you worry and worry about something and then it's not as bad as you thought...makes it that much sweeter.

DaisyDuc said...

Congrats on getting that butt out of bed and in conquering that hill.

I think many of us struggle with the getting out of bed thing...but it always seems totally worth it after all is said and done!

TriSaraTops said...

Great ride! Way to beat the alarm clock today! :) I could use a Watermelon Hill around here--gotta drive to the east side of Cleveland for hills, and I sure need 'em to get ready for IMW!

RE: the question you posted to me, The CarboPro/Perpetuem stuff is supposedly good for really long rides--2 hours and up. The theory is that it's easier for your body to digest a liquid fuel rather than a solid, so you can still take in lots of calories without eating that much solid fuel and your stomach doesn't get as upset. But what do I know, I'm just a clueless IM newbie! :) I have a WHOLE JUG of Perpetuem if you want it! Yuk! But some people really like it, so who knows?

Joe said...

Thanks for the terific triathlon tips you posted on my blog. Now I just have to buy a bike. Unfortunately, I have to buy my wife a new notebook computer first.

Scott said...

You're stronger, no doubt. Stay determined and you'll keep getting stronger.

rice said...

Great job on the bed.. I mean.. Great job getting out of bed.. That is by far the hardest part.. I have had to resort to getting up at the same time EVERY morning (4:40am) work or no work. If I sleep in one morning the next few mornings are gone to..