Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Feet Are Bruised

I have sore's like they're bruised, and I'm not sure why. The left one is tender on the "pad" of the foot, and the right one is tender on the right side and heel. I wonder if it could be from the Triathlon...running sockless in fairly new shoes that are "light weight trainers"??? I don't know...hopefully it will go away soon.

Whew...I'm a little tired right now. I haven't gotten enough sleep lately. I took Sunday off after the tri. Monday, I ran 5 miles during my lunch break at work in 45:56 (9:11 pace). Then Tuesday I rode my bike 19.2 miles in 1:04:00. Wednesday I finally did a "two a day"...I got up and hit the pool at 6 a.m., swimming 2000 yards. Slowly as usual. I was missing that wetsuit!!! Too bad we can't wear them all the time. And at lunch I went to the local High School track for some much needed speedwork. I did a 1 mile warm-up, and then ran 6 x 800 meter intervals. Ouch. I went too fast on the first one. Why do I ALWAYS do that????? It was high noon, and although it was only about 83 degrees I could really feel the sun bearing down on me. I like that, though. I know the heat slows you down some, but I'd still rather run in hot weather as opposed to cold weather. I was sweating like dog. And as usual after the first two I didn't think I'd be able to do 6, but I did. The body does what the mind tells it, right? My times weren't that great, but here they are:

1 mile warmup in 9:20
6 x 800 meters:
1. 3:31 (too fast, and I decided to jog 200 meters and then start the second one)
2. 3:46 (OUCH! I then decided I'd walk during the recovery)
3. 3:40 (better)
4. 3:41 (not bad...maybe I can do 6 afterall)
5. 3:43 (one more and we're done!!)
6. 3:40 (whew...finally done)

The body had two requests for me when we were done:

1.) "The next time you do this, please do not kill me on the first
one. I swear I will perform better on the subsequent ones if won't do
2.) "Oh, and please relieve your bladder BEFORE you start the
intervals next time" (i won't elaborate on that)

Getting into the present time now, Holly and I ran 5 miles this morning through town, and I'm not doing another thing all day!!!


Rae said...

Girl, you need a break! I'm tired just reading all that!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

backofpack said...

I'm thinking you shouldn't do another thing all week! Wow, you are really cranking it out. Make sure you are eating and drinking enough to keep going!

Michele said...

Dang, just went I thought I was having a good week.

Great speed work. Do you know if Westwood tack is open yet? I really need to get out there.

Hope your feet are feeling better.

Michele said...

oops track!!! :-)

Papa Louie said...

The foot problem could be from the shoes. I would ice them. I would try to break them in a little more too.
Everyone runs a fast 1st lap. No problem. You did good in even splits. For 800's I jog 1 lap. 200 meters is not enough recovery. I would try to make my last lap the same time as my first lap.
My trick is to stoop down make it look like I'm tying my shoe or strecthing to relieve myself in the field. I could do it even when people are around. I don't think people have figured it out yet.

qcmier said...

Nice job on the track!!! I'll wear my lightweight shoes on the track sometimes just to get my feet used to them. Hope they feel better.