Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm a little unorganized with my pics from the McMinnville City Triathlon, so the race report will have to wait until tonight. If you've read Michele's Blog you know that I got 3rd place in my age group, and I had some trouble with my chain. Pretty good race, but disappointed about the mechanical trouble. I had to ride the entire race on my top chainring after the chain came off. More on that later....

Meanwhile, I just took a stab at a modified version of DaisyDuc's and Elizabeth's last track workout. It was high noon, and boy was it tough. Folks, it nearly brought tears to my eyes! I wrote down the workout on a piece of paper before I left work:
1 mile warmup
3 x 800m, 400m, 400m
1 mile cooldown

And I left spaces to write in my times for each interval. As I was writing I said to myself:
"I know you are going to want to stop after that second round of 800m, 400m, 400m. But you better not. It's just like when you do 6 x 800m's - you always want to stop after 4...but you are glad when you press on and finish them up. Do the same, do not cut the workout short, no matter how bad you want to do so."

And sure enough, I thought I was ready for the graveyard after that second round. But I was mentally prepared to feel that way, so I kept on going. I have all the splits written down, but I left them in my back pack, which is in the car. I'll post them later.

Anyone who runs out there has GOT to go to read Leah's latest post entitled "Now THAT'S The Way It Should Be". She really gets to the heart of the matter!!!

Congrats to DaisyDuc who finished her first triathlon this weekend and took 2nd place in her age group!! And congrats to CurlySu who finished (OMG!) IronMan France!! And had an awesome showing. I am in awe. And also congrats to Rae and Brent who smoked their 5k this weekend - getting Rae a 1st place age group award. And ofcourse I can't leave out Michele who snagged a 2nd place in her age group at the McMinnville City Tri this weekend. Nice going, guys!! You all inspire me so much!


LeahC said...

Thanks for the shout out Lana!!! :-)

I love the idea of writing stuff down on paper. I should have done that today for my LT run (it didn't go as great as the one two weeks ago) but they can't all be perfect right :-)

rice said...

Track workouts really got a way of knocking you around.. I love them when there done though, when you realize that you really did give it all you had. Good for you.



Cliff said...


Girl good job on the tri, regardless of the mechnical prob.

I like how u write a note to yourself. The mind at times can be so weak. I rode 4 hr and ran an hour afterwards. The first 20 min of the run, my mind just whine and whine. The last 40 min, it wans't soo bad. I got my run leg back and just pound away.

DaisyDuc said...

Thanks for the shout...

Yeah those track workouts really kick my butt...however I figure if I keep at them, it can only help!

Rae said...

Thanks for the shout out! You are crazy to run at noon!!!