Monday, May 01, 2006

Country Music Marathon 2006: Thank You

Wow. It's Monday night, and I am still giddy from the marathon. I'm not overally pleased with the time, but I am happy with my effort and humbled by the experience. I feel so much more experienced as a runner now than I ever have - and I realize how much I still do not know about running. I know what it feels like to really need an energy gel now. And I saw the consequences for those who did not drink enough Power-Aide. I found out what the "next level" is for myself - and I pushed through it. I most definitely increased my mental fortitude.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to accomplish this goal. It was not just a matter of saying "I think I'll train for and run a marathon!" one day. The sacrifice on my part was only the beginning it took sacrfices from many others as well. My husband was incredibly patient and supportive throughout the entire 20 weeks. He didn't complain when I was out for 3-4 hours on weekends trying to get in my long run. He took over Briar's basketball team that we were supposed to "coach together" and pretty much coached it all himself while I came flying in to the games at the last minute. He understood when I was too tired to fix dinner and when I wasn't even home for dinner because I had to get in another run. And he probably walked a half marathon of his own on race day finding me at different places during the race and trying to get Briar where he needed to be. Thanks, J.T., you'll never know how much it means to me.

Thanks to Briar and Bo who were patient and forgiving when I had to "go run again". And especially thanks to Briar for running the last mile of the marathon with me. I can't express how special that will always be to me.

And I also am thankful for the sacrifice made my mom and dad. Anytime J.T. and I had conflicting schedules they graciously offered to help out with the boys. My Dad wasn't able to make it to race day, but he followed me to the Tom King Half Marathon and was always willing to help out when time wasn't on my side. My mom kept Bo the night before the race, and as I made my way down the last stretch I found them on the front row cheering and waving!

And Holly was as close to my side as anyone during this time. She was constantly encouraging me, and even started picking her running back up and was able to run some training runs with me near the end. She also helped out with my children, and especially with Briar near the end when he needed to get in a few more miles but I needed rest. And she also gave me the most encouraging note and cd just days before the race. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she believed in me - and that she was always praying for me.

Thanks to Tracy and Michele, my training partners, for being there. For listening to me complain and listening to me brag (sometimes - haha)...and especially for sticking this thing out with me. Some of those runs were tough, but atleast we were in it together. I so hate it that I didn't get a picture of you guys...we've got to teach J.T. some better camera skills.

Thanks to Darrell, our preacher and a runner himself, for all the prayers and encouragement.

Thanks to Leslie for all the encouragement and advice....and to Dr. J - who took care of my knee - you rock!!!

Thanks to all the other bloggers who have given me advice and encouragment - you guys are great!!!

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to God. Thanks for giving me the physical and mental ability to run a marathon. Thanks for giving me a beautiful world to run in and a healthy body to enjoy it. Thanks for great friends and family. Thanks for giving me such "fun" in life. And thanks for answering my prayers.


E-Speed said...

Great Post Lana! What a great supportive family you have!

TriSaraTops said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You did AWESOME! That is a GREAT TIME, too!!! You should be very proud. Your family is adorable, too! :)