Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Recovery Plan...sorta

Golf?!?! You got it! I played 9 holes with J.T. yesterday for the first time since last summer. Since I decided to take up triathlons about this time last year, I had to "retire" from golf due to the time constraints. When I say "retire", I don't mean I never play...I just mean that I won't be practicing all the time, and I won't put pressure on myself to do well. ;) In other words, if you play me and beat me you can't brag about it!! I started playing about 4 years ago, but it just takes too much time. I complain about having to get everything prepared for a bike ride, but atleast I can just jump on it and go...with golf you have to like plan out when and where and with whom, call and get a tee time, etc. I just don't have that much flexibility in my schedule. J.T. plays alot, though, and he is GOOD!! I keep telling him that I'm waiting on him to make the "Tour" so the boys and I can travel to all the golf tournaments and get picked up by a Suburban at our ritzy hotel and be chauffeured to the tournament (we were staying at the Hilton in New Orleans one time during a golf tourny and saw several of the famous golfers' families being picked up like this - I was IN! We joke about that alot.). Anyways, we had a great time. I had already gotten in a 20 mile bike early that morning, so I didn't feel like I was missing a workout - which helped me to enjoy it.

This recovery stuff is cool. I have to say I have enjoyed it to the fullest. Here is what I did during the post marathon week:
Sunday - Rested
Monday - Rested
Tuesday - Yoga (I really enjoyed this...I may actually try to go back!)
Wednesday - Walked 1 mile on the treadmill, worked arms and chest with weights, swam an easy 500 meters
Thursday - Rested (went to bed at like 8:30 pm.)
Friday - Ran a mile with J.T.
Saturday - 20 mile bike, 9 holes of golf

I decided to hit the road again this morning with a 4 mile run. It was a little cool and there was a steady mist - great running weather. I ran the 4 miles in 36:14 - 9:04 pace. I felt really good, except that I still feel a little funny about my knee. It didn't exactly hurt - but something is still there. That's okay though, cause I'm gonna be spending less time pounding on it and more time in the saddle and in the pool for the next few weeks. I am excited about the Mach Tenn Triathlon, and getting in some good biking and swimming in general. I am also excited about getting some weight room workouts in and losing a few pounds. I like variety.

Congrats to Rae and Brent - looks like you guys did great the Pig!!


DaisyDuc said...

Well I am so glad I have decided to embark on tri's this year as I am finding the variety is good for training and enjoyment! Sounds like a good recovery week!

That is nice you and your husband golf together, even if he is quite good. At least he can help you out!

E-Speed said...

Golf is expensive too! My family are all avid golfers. I have a mean drive but I only play like once a year so I never get very good.

Glad you are enjoying your recovery!

starbender said...

I tried golf once, but I just can't seem to hit that little white ball! I like putt-putt though!

Wil said...

Just found your awesome blog via TriSaraTops'! Congrats on your marathon, I REALLY want to run that one some day soon. You wrote a great report, which made me want to run it even more ;)

Pixie said...

How fun! I love golf. I am terrible at it, but I love it. My grandfather was a golf pro so I spent every summer on the course.

Sounds like you had a great week!


Rae said...

It sounds like you had a great post marathon week and are totally back into the "swing" of things!!

I am terrible at mini-golf, I'm sure I'd be even worse at the real game!

Eric said...

My wife and I used to be in a couples golf league, even were presidents. Had to give it up because of tri training. I miss it but can do without it. Hoping to get some golf in this summer.

Awesome video, I used that one on my blog before.