Sunday, May 21, 2006

Catching Up

I have gotten behind on my blog. The last time I posted was Wednesday, when I did the brick workout. I didn't get up early the next morning, and instead I did a 4 mile run during my lunch break at work. It actually turned out to be 4.1 miles in 37:41 - 9:11 pace. I wasn't pushing very hard, since my legs were somewhat tired from the night before, so I was pleased with the 9:11 pace.

On Friday, I went to the rec center early. I got on the eliptical for the first time in about a year and warmed up for about 10 minutes to get my blood flowing. Then I did a pretty good weight workout, something I've been wanting to do more regular lately. I worked abs, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back. Then I did some leg lifts for the quads, and some lunges for my butt. It was a good workout, then I headed down to the pool. I think this probably turned out to be the best swim workout I've had in a long time. I first did a 1750 yards (or a mile) in 37:19. I realize that's pretty slow compared to most people, but it's actually pretty good for me. I'll take it. I then had a few more minutes before I had to leave, so I did 3 x 100's. The splits were:


I think my long term swimming goal will be to eventually get to where I can hold that pace for 500 yards...and then for 1000 yards.

Then Saturday, I decided to a long run of 12 miles. I set out around 9:10 a.m., without a fuel belt, or any money. I felt fine up until around mile 8, when I need some water BAD. I was passing by the post office in town, and I thought "Surely the post office has a water fountain inside." I walked through doors and looked around - Wrong. So I left and kept going. It was 87 degrees, and the humidity was terrible. Then I came upon the fire stationa and saw the firemen sitting in the garage. I ran over to them and asked if there was a water fountain there. They said "No, but we have a 5 jug full of ice cold water, how about that?" I said "PERFECT!" So they gave me a big mason jar and I filled it up with water and drank until it gave me a brain freeze. That was the coldest water I've ever had in my life!! That costed me a couple minutes, and I ended up with an 11:29 mile for mile 7, which sucked becaused I had a fairly good pace going on considering the heat and humidity. My splits were:

11:28 (post office and fire station)
10:09 (started getting tired and thristy again)

My overall pace was 9:44/mile, and if you were to take off the 2 minutes off when I stopped to get water, it would have been about 9:34...which is pretty close to what I was shooting for.

Average HR this time was 167 bpm, and it said my max was 209 bpm. I guess that's a little more believable. This time I put some water on the monitor and wore it around and let it get warmed up good before I took off. Maybe that's the trick.

I think Holly and I may go run the Cotton Row 10k in Huntsville on Memorial Day. I have run several 5ks, an 8k, several half marathons, and a marathon - but I have never run a 10k. I think it's time to do that.


Michele said...

Great run yesterday. When are we going to learn to take our fuel belts????
Look looked really good doing your swim Friday, your form is so good! And I think your times are great!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

How nice of the fire men to quench your thirst. Great times, even with stopping. I'm impressed.

Papa Louie said...

Great workout! Yeah, you're about due for a nice 10K. Have fun!

Cliff said...

Ahh the good old hunting for water in the middle of the run.

I did that when I was training for my marathon :). I actually went to the library. In the kiddies' section, they have a water foutain. So this sweaty guy goes into the library, walk over the kiddies' section.filled up and head back out.. :)

At least i got my water.

backofpack said...

Thanks for your comments! Great times on your run - your mile with the two stops is a fast pace for me!

Have fun at the 10K - I really like that distance.

DaisyDuc said...

Wow, those are some pretty warm temps for that long of a distamce with no fluids! I can see why you were thirsty!

How fitting to get some water at the fire station! Great job on the workouts!

Garou said...

Those are some great splits, especially considering the heat and humidity!

Rae said...

Great job on the run!! It is getting so hot here!