Sunday, August 27, 2006

Old Timer's Day 5k 2006

I have warm feelings toward this event, as it was my very first 5k ever and where I caught the running bug in 2004. It was 2 years ago when Holly (my sister) and I got "talked into" running this thing by Tracy and Michele. We had been running between 2 and 4 slow miles at a time, just getting into shape, and we didn't have high expectations. But on that cloudy, dreary morning along the side of a few friends, hearing the cheers of our mom and dad, and in the spirit of competition, we pushed ourselves harder than we ever had. I finished in 25:29 and Holly was a couple seconds behind. We were completely surprised when we took 1st and 2nd place in the 20 - 29 yr age group.

Holly and I after the 2004 Old Timers Day 5k

When the alarm went off at 5:30, I didn't feel great. I used the snooze button a couple times, and Briar and I finally made our way up and out to the rec center around 6:40. The race started at 7:00 a.m., so we didn't have a lot of time to mess around. The 130+ participants lined up, and the race director yelled "Go!". There were a lot of kids and adults who had lined up at the front of the start line, so there was a lot of congestion for the first several hundred yards. But by the time we got out onto the highway, it wasn't too bad. Just short of the first mile marker I was breifly chatting with a friend who was running the same pace, and I hear "Go Momma! I love you!" It was Bo! He and J.T. were driving up and down the highway stretch of the course cheering us on. When my Garmin beeped for 1 mile, I noticed that my time was 7:37.

"Hmmm...not bad for the first mile...."

But I had an awfully high heart rate and perceived level of effort for that kind of split. I was really looking to be down around 7:30. We took a left and ran into the state park, and I lost the friend with whom I had been chatting. She picked it up a little, and I slowed down a little, and so I was never able to catch her again. I made the turn at the out and back and met and cheered for lots of people that I knew out there running. Briar was one of them, and he was looking great. Holly was out there too, but was taking it easy due to a horrible case of plantar faciatis. My second mile was 7:48, and by then getting under 23 min wasn't looking good.

I had been running along with another girl most of the way back, but I had dropped back a little before entering onto the greenway that goes back to the rec center. I felt like now was the time to catch her, so I picked up the pace, got even with her and stayed that way down along with greenway. I could see the finish line and continued to pick up the pace, pulling ahead of her slightly. I made the left turn towards the finish line and began to hear footsteps coming up behind me, so I gave it everything I had to the end, pulling away from the footsteps and finishing strong, but in a time of only 23:47. It was good enough for 2nd place in my age group (22-32 yr...not sure how they came up with that, but oh well).

Holly came in strong soon after, and then Briar came in with a time of 27:47, and 5th in the 12 and under age group (he's 9). I was SO proud of him!

Me, Briar and Holly after the race

Bo also ran the "mini mile". A one mile and out and back on the greenway. He finished strong, despite being a little ticked off that he "didn't win". (don't ask me where he gets that attitude)

Bo finishing the Mini Mile

There was lots of support out there, and it was a really fun race. A lot friends and acquaintances were running, and my mom, dad, and J.T. and lots of friends were all there cheering. We finished up the day by watching the parade, letting the kids play at the park, and then listening to the band and the watching the fireworks that night.


Papa Louie said...

Sounds like you had a nice family time together at the races. Nice hard effort at the finish. If you stick with the FIRST training schedule you will definitely have faster race times.

TriSaraTops said...

Looks like fun! Such cute pics, too! :)

I swear when I try to PR I don't and when I'm not thinking about it, I do. Must be my crazy head!!! ha ha

LeahC said...

sounds like a fun day!

david said...

What a great race and a great day.

Michele said...

Great race. I still haven't recovered from running in that heat then spending the day out in it too. I really hope they move it back to Oct.

Dan Gillis III said...

good luck

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Your first race--and look at you now!! You are doing awesome and passing the love of running down to your children. Great job! I admire your efforts.

rice said...

Your sister is hot! Is she the one on the left or right?

Good job on the race. 5k is a fun distance.



Lance Notstrong said...

I like the "action" pictures. One got you with your ponytail in the air and the other one shows you have a "mean" sprint :-)

22-32? That IS an odd age group.

I think it's really awesome that your kids are involved in running and racing :-)

Cliff said...

5 k much fun to just go all out and blow those legs ;)


Dusty said...

Great pictures! Good story about the race too. I liked the picture of your kick - you were really going for it - glad you held her off! What a fun day.

Rae said...

Great job on the 5K to you and the fam!! Awesome times for everyone!!!

What an odd age grouping?!?!?!?