Thursday, August 10, 2006

I need to swim...

I've been having some fairly good workouts this week, but I can't seem to get to the pool, and it's bugging me. Monday I did speedwork, as I mentioned in the previous post. Tuesdsay I rode my bike with 4 guys at work during my lunch break. We did route they call "3 steps" because you take a road that takes up a series of 3 hills before you get to the top. I was a little concerned since they were all on road bikes, and I was on my Quintana Roo Kilo tri bike, but I turned out to be okay. I am thinking about doing some longer group rides in the next few months. Sept 9th is the Elk River Century that is done by our local cycling club, and then that night is the I Run For The Party 5k. I'd like to do atleast the 68 mile option on that ride, and then go do the 5k run in Nashville. The run starts at 5 p.m. Anyways, about the longer group rides. These rides go up lots of big hills, and some of them even climb up in mountains. I have only a double chainring in the front, and my rear cassette is an 11-23. Some people have told me I could switch that cassette out for a 12-25 or a 12-27 and it would help. I was thinking about just buying a road bike. Or pulling a TriSaraTops and slipping a picture of a Trek 1000 inside J.T.'s ESPN Magazine next month, since I'll turn the big "three-0" in October. Does anyone have an opinion? Should I consider buying a road bike? Switching the rear cassette? Just try to gut it out with what I have?

Anyways, I had a good early morning workout with Michele Wednesday. We rode a new route of 19 miles, saw a totally awesome moon(it was big and looked like the sun!), and then watched the sun come up. Then we had time for a quick 2 mile run around town before heading home to get the kids up and off to school. My plan for today was to get up and lift weights at 5:15, then swim a mile or so, but I listen to the demons this morning and didn't get out of bed (hanging my head). I tried to make it up for it at lunch by cycling hard with a coworker, but I desperately needed a strength workout and a swim this morning. Maybe tomorrow? I don't know. Tomorrow was supposed to be a long run. Perhaps I could push the long run up to Saturday.


E-Speed said...

I've been slacking in the swim department too. It's just so much harder because you can't walk out your door and start!

TriSaraTops said...

Hee hee! Forgot about that slipping the ad in thing...:)

I only have a road bike, so I guess I can't really give you much comparison. I sure do love my granny gear on hills though. :) ha ha

Cliff said...


I found it hard to push my swim volume up as well. Not enough length swimming in my area.

As for the bike question...i am a n00b when it comes to bike equipment. If u want to develop force on the bike, i would suggest stick with the tri and change the rear cassette if u have to. The road bike with its granny gear will not help you become a stronger climber.

I ride with a roadie and only recently I have started forcing myself to not use the granny gear and stick with the med and big ring.

Eric said...

Tough question. I run a 13-25 because of the middle gearing but that's another story.

I would look at the length of the hills and grade to determine if you want to change your cassette. Cassette change is the easiest and cheapest, besides doing nothing. If you have the tools to change the cassette yourself no problem. Use the cassette that is best suited for the terrain.

I'd hate to see you blow out your legs trying to climb with a 39 x 23 gearing.

Road vs. tri. I have both and while climbing I don't feel a difference. Going downhill I have to be more careful on the tri bike because the bike angles makes the handling in the turns a little sketchy.

Ask around and see what some of the experienced riders of the century say.

Of course getting a new bike is always a good thing.

Hope this helps.

Papa Louie said...

Lana, I have a Quintana Roo Kilo 2004 bike. It came with a 12-25 cassette and unless yours is a different year and they used different cassette size I would think you have the same. Count your teeth again. (make sure none are missing lol) Otherwise, if you can switch out to a 12-25 that might help. Some people can't ride that long on a tri bike so they use a road bike. My feeling is since I only race tri's I train on my tri bike. I have a mountain bike but only use it for family rides not for training.

Rae said...

We're going to have to have dinner or something after the Party Run!! Blogger meet-up!!!

Lance Notstrong said...

I would switch to a 12x25, that's what I have on my bike and I climb just fine using the 39x25. Most of the time the 39x21 or 39x23 does the trick. Unless you are a real badass, you won't miss the 11 and will benifit more from the 25.