Thursday, May 11, 2006


I was meeting Holly at 5:10 this morning for a 5 mile run...but, when she pulled up, it started to rain. So...we went inside the rec center and ran on the treadmill instead. She hates the treadmill, but I really don't mind it at all....especially if it's just 5 miles or so. I like to be able to take my index finger, press the "+" and say "legs, you better speeeeeed up!". Then they have no choice. Anyways, I ran the 5 miles in 45:09, then headed down to the pool. Since we had gotten a late start, I didn't have a lot of swimming time left, so I just worked on my form for about 500 meters. I also worked on breathing every 3rd stroke (the opposite side - OMG!) instead of every 2nd. And it feels sooooo strange. That's really gonna take some work to get used to. I can't really decide if I wanna try and get that down soon, or wait until the winter when I can perfect it.

Briar has a ballgame at I'm out.


Michele said...

I am with Holly on that one! I HATE the treadmill too.
You are getting way too speedy. I am going to get left in the dust at the next race. I better find some slower running buddies.
It won't take long to get the every 3rd down. You know I just started it about 5 or 6 swims ago and it is working great for me now. I have even tried every 5th but I NEED more air then that.

DaisyDuc said...

I am a newbie swimmer and switch between breathing every 2 and 4...perhaps 3 would be worth trying. Breathing on the opposite side may take some work!

Keep us posted on how it goes!

The Running Diva said...

Do you have a book/website that you can recommend that has good info about training for triathlons?

E-Speed said...

bilateral breathing is the best!

Rae said...

I can deal with the treadmill for short periods, and if there's something good on TV time will fly by!

Have a great weekend!

Lana said...

running diva - a good place to start is They have LOTS of info geared toward the beginner and the experienced triathlete as well.