Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crazy Dreams

...Exit light
Enter night...
Ok, so I thought I'd watch the Zodiak Killer movie last night. Bad decision. Number one, I should have had my heart rate monitor on because I think I probably reached my max. Number two, how can you be terrified, heart beating fast, but nod off to sleep at the same time? I don't know either, but before we were half way into it, I was nodding, so I gladly called it quits and went on to bed around 10 p.m. Number three, I had crazy dreams all night. And I woke up with a blood shot eye and a swollen wrist that is very sore. Number four, I was so ready to hit the sack that I didn't set my alarm back to 4:30 from the 5:00 it was previously set it. And I overslept and didn't get up in time to do my normal Wednesday tempo run and toning class.


I used to could handle stuff like that. Not anymore. Funny how you change over time. Seriously, twelve years ago I could sit through something like that and never be bothered. But during my last twelve years of growing up I have come to see that real life can throw enough trauma at ya - I don't need a movie to add more. The scary part is that movie was based a true story. It freaked me out. And I didn't make it through more than an hour. I went to bed and turned on The Andy Griffith Show.

I'll get my workout in during lunch. Nothing like doing a brick in 92 degrees with 70% humidity, baby! H says she's going too - atleast I'll have someone with which to share the pain.

We're doing the Staggerwing Duathlon this Saturday, by the way. Michele is too. We're gonna kick some boooo-tay!!


Michele said...

yes, you will be kicking my boooo-tay on Saturday. Can't wait!

Missed ya this morning. Don't know if I will make it next Wednesday since it is a scheduled rest day.

Be careful out in that heat today.

Amanda said...

I totally can't watch scary movies anymore, I just dream way too much! I frequently wake up the DF laughing or crying in my sleep, it's strange.

Good luck this weekend!

Lance Notstrong said...

They say people are more "fearless" when they are young.....I think they are just naive, or at least I was. Real life IS scary enough!!!

I'll take Seinfeld over horror movies anyway :-)

TJ said...

must be some crazy dream vibes going through the triosphere lately.....

good luck with the duathlon!

david said...

It is good to know that I'm not the only crazy person running in this heat. But at least I'm not running mid day.

jkrunning said...

I can't do scary movies either.
Good luck this weekend.