Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Week 20 - Day 3: Stocking up

I am notorious for making a trip Wal-Mart, getting home, and realizing I forgot half the stuff I went for. And you can forget me happening to remember other stuff that I might need while I'm in there. I despise Wal-Mart (the closest Target is 30 minutes away) normally I walk in and try my best to stay focused on the task at hand and get in and out as quickly as possible. Which isn't very quick since they don't hire enough people to work the cash registers - UGH!!! But anyways, that's not what happened today! I went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break because I knew I needed 2 things - lotion and puppy food. I went in, got the lotion and puppy food, and it dawned on me that I need to buy some stuff to take Nashville with me Friday. I was so proud of myself for remembering - I am normally the one who gets in the car and says "Oh crap! I forgot my Gatorade - do you guys have an extra?!?!" So anyways, I stocked up. I bought a case of Orange Gatorade, a case of Aquafina, some Cliff bars, some Zone bars, and some Fig Newtons(my fave!). Leslie has been recommending Zone bars to me - so I am going to try one maybe tonight or tommorrow. She says they aren't as heavy in her stomach as a Clif bar, so I am up for trying one. I used to eat the Snickers Marathon bars because I love snickers....but after a few races of tasting it for the last several miles I couldn't bear to look at another one. So I've been eating Clif bars, and I am about at that same point with them too.

So anyways, I'm all stocked up with goodies for this weekend - I won't be running to Wal-Mart an hour before we leave...and I won't be having to bum Gatorade! I only need one more thing, and that's a pack of Sport Beans. I doubt I will eat them, but I want a pack with me anyways. I am pretty scared that I'm gonna miss them out on the course. I think they're around miles 10 and 20....When I get close I'm gonna be intently watching for them. I hope they are the Lime flavor.

On a positive note, I am a little more relaxed today. I slept late, and I'm doing no running until Friday. My sister, Holly, was gracious enough to let Briar spend the night with her last night so that he could get in a couple miles at the rec center with her this morning. That way, I got to rest, and Briar still got in his much needed 2 miles. That puts him up to 21. Haha - he is really getting down to the wire! He needs 2 tommorrow and 2.2 Friday to get up to 25.2 before Saturday. I am so proud of him! Many thanks, Holly - for helping me out this morning!


Michele said...

I got the beans covered. Don't buy any.

E-Speed said...

Glad you got to sleep in!

DaisyDuc said...

Well best of luck on your upcoming marathon!

Sadly out in the boonies where I live there is not much in the way of stores and so when the super Walmart went in 8 miles up the road I celebrated (otherwise I had to drive at least a half hour). We end up going at least twice a week b/c I always forget stuff.

Oh by the way, I have found that vitamins on an empty stomach make me feel like vomitting...perhaps that was a contributor.