Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Week 19 - Day 6: Last Long Run

I am late getting Day 6 posted. Probably because it's nothing great to post. Anyways, Saturday, April 22nd was Day 6 of Week 19, and my last long run. The schedule called for 10 miles, but Leslie suggested a week ago that I not push myself for 10, and that I might want to consider 8 since I am somewhat fatigued lately. I did just that. I set out after Briar's ballgame (which we lost - ugh) around 4:00 p.m. from my house. It was rather warm, but comfortably warm. I love warm/hot weather. I know it can be a bummer to run in hot weather because you get dehydrated and your times aren't as good, but I think it's just so much better than cold weather. I'd rather it be way too hot than a little too cold. I am a little stubborn when it comes to wearing my fuel belt, though, and I refused to wear it since I wasn't going over 12. That was probably a mistake, because I could have used some extra fluid during the run. The 5 miles went pretty well...I kept telling myself that I wasn't hurting at all because I knew in the back of mind I needed to have a successful last long run. But after 5, I started getting tired again. Mile 6 I didn't feel well at all, and Mile 7 - 8.25(it was an extra quarter mile to my house) I struggled. Is this real or in my head? It felt very real, and my watch reflected it. The garmin said 8.25 miles 1:21:00. That's 9:49 pace.
I did not want to run any slower than 9:30 in the marathon, and I can't run 8 miles in that? My oh my. I really don't know what's going on. I could barely finish those 8 miles. I was climbing a hill at one point and could barely catch my breath. I sure hope race day anxiety and next week's extra rest give me something I don't have now. I don't know if I am going to come out of this funk in time or not, and I am very nervous about it. I have put in way too much time and sweat for this to be happening.
Sunday and Monday were rest days. I was going to run 4 or 5 on Monday, but my intentions were overcome by circumstances, which probably turned out for the best.


Rae said...

Just relax and enjoy the race! The crowds will help motivate you too! Try not to worry TOO much!

E-Speed said...

it's pretty normal to feel sluggish leading into taper (and even during taper). Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and nutrition!

You are going to do great at your race!

Lana said...

Thanks guys...I appreciate your encouragement! I am going to tell myself these things over and over!