Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Week 19 - Day1: Happy Easter (late) and Back to Running

We had a nice Easter at the Sain house this past weekend. Bo got a new baseball glove and some baseballs and several other things, and Briar got his IPod Nano. I don't have the pictures with me right now, but I'll come back and post some of them later. Bo has worn the baseball glove non-stop - he even sleeps with it. And Briar loves the IPod. He got to run with it for the first time yesterday (Monday).

The schedule called for 4 miles after my rest day of Sunday (and boy did I rest-I even took a nap!). I didn't make it out of bed early, but Briar and I set out to run around 6 p.m. He was loving the tunes on the IPod(I wish I would've taken pics). He sang every song inspite of being out of breath alot! We ran an out and back from our house that totaled 2.5 miles, and then I kept going down Hwy 41 for another 1.5 to get 4 miles in 37:40. Briar was only going to run 2 miles, but we remembered that he had an extra half mile he had ran a couple weeks ago that he had never logged, so he wanted to go ahead and run another half to make it even. That put him at 16 miles. That leaves him 9.2 miles before the CMM. He's cutting it kind of close with everything else he has going on...but I'm sure he will make it.

The 4 miles I ran felt pretty good. I slept late again this morning, although I didn't get in the bed until 11:30 p.m. last night. I felt tired this morning, but I feel pretty good now. I've been taking the NapraPak that Jay prescribed me. I probably won't know if it's helping, though, until I try to run 10 this weekend, because my knee usually doesn't hurt until around 10 miles.

It's a beautiful day outside today. I haven't decided what kind of exercise I'm going to do today, if any. We have a baseball game tonight at 7:00 p.m.

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