Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 17 - Day 6: Failed

On Sunday, around 11:15, I set out for 22-24 miles. I didn't make it. I started at my house and ran back to Blanton's Chapel rd, then turned on Lyndel Bell Rd, then at Ward's Chapel. I headed back up towards Hwy 55, and crossed over the lake. I was fine until around mile 5 when my knee started acting up. Around mile 7 it subsided some, but the pain kicked back in shortly. There were lots of up and down hills in that run, and the downhills hurt badly. It was hurting so badly that I couldn't contain my form, and I felt like it was wearing me out. At one point, although the weather was pleasant, I got cold chills. I felt so exhausted that I drank all my water and gatorade by mile 11. At mile 13 I ran by Yogi's house hoping someone was home and could either fill my bottles up or just take me home, but no such luck. No one was at the house, and Yogi was mowing the yard intensely. I decided not to bother him, and felt like I could make it atleast to Chad Dyer's house which was a couple more miles down Hwy 55. I did make it, and was convinced by the time I got there that I did, indeed, need a ride home. My knee was in excrutiating pain with every step. Chad offered to take me home, and I finished up with a mere 15 miles.

Let me back up and say that this is probably all my fault. I think it may could have been prevented. I haven't been taking my Aleve, because I haven't felt much pain in 4 milers and less. Nor have I been icing it. I haven't been eating right, and I haven't been drinking my water. I felt dehydrated when I first started. I have been feeling sorry for myself for not having time to run and having all these nagging injuries. I have had ZERO mental fortitude. I really ashamed of myself, but have no other choice than to put it behind me and carry on. I made an appointment with Jay for tommorrow (Tuesday) to see if he can do something for my knee.

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