Friday, April 21, 2006

Week 19 - Days and 5: Working Overtime my marathon training lets up a bit. It's time to taper...but forget relaxing...we are starting this new contract at work, and now I am now on my 3rd 11 - 12 hour day in a row. UGH!!! This is Friday, and I am not even supposed to work on Friday! My normal schedule is Monday - Thursday, 8 hours a day, 32 hours a week. I take Friday to catch up all the laundry and have some fun with my kids. It's called a "modified schedule" here, and I sorta negotiated that into my contract when I got hired a couple years ago. I don't like working 5 days a week. I'd really rather work 2 or 3, but I saw that I was gonna do good to get 4, so I decided not to push my luck. Incase you are new to my blog, I am a software programmer. I do mostly VB6 and .Net development for a government contractor. So anyways...the software development is putting me under lately. If it's not one thing, it's another I guess.

Yesterday Briar and I got out at 5:15 a.m. and ran 3 miles through town. He ran the whole way, only stopping once to tie his shoe. He was loving it. We saw the sun rise (or actually just light up, since there was lots of cloud cover) , and he sang with his IPod again. We then went to the pool and played around a little bit and relaxed in the therapy pool. I started to try and swim laps, but realized that I was running out of time, so I just said forget it and had some fun with Briar.

Today I was going to ride my bike, but has rained again all day. I didn't even bring it to work, nor any workout clothes, so I guess today is just a rest day. Hopefully I will be rested for my so called long run tommorrow morning. The schedule calls for 10, but if I'm not feeling great it's gonna be 8.


E-Speed said...

since work is taking up your rest time you might be smart to back off on the long run! The rest is definitely important!

Rae said...

Hope your run went well this morning!

Your son sounds like a fun training partner, Brent and I may need to borrow him sometime! I have a habit of singing & dancing with my nano, too! I think we'd make quite the course entertainment!