Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Week 15 - Day 3: Another One Down

It is cold in Manchester today!! No running outside today. It was rec center all the way. Speaking of the rec center, it has got to be getting close to renewal time for The Sains. I need to check into that.

Today was a 5 miler. Briar went with me again this morning. We ran 1 mile on the track (he lapped me twice), and then he went downtstairs to wait for Andrew and I went to the treadmill. I finished up 5 miles as Tracy was finishing hers too. I have really been trying to watch what I eat since Monday anyway. I have that constant hungry feeling for the most part, but I'm hoping that I'll get used to it if I don't give in. I am convinced it's physchological anyways. I'm not like starving myself by any means - I'm just leaving out the snacks and junk food. All in all, after 2 days, I do feel better. And I have vowed not to weigh myself until Sunday night.

I have an issue with the scales, because one of two things usually happens when I get on them. One, I like what I see and decide I deserve a treat, which then leads to other treats and so on; or Two, I don't like what I see and give up. I would really like to lose 10 lbs over the next 5 weeks, but I'll settle for 6 lbs. I know that training for a marathon is not the time to try and lose weight, but like I said, I'm just giving up mainly the junk food. And that makes me feel better anyways. Andrew never showed up to swim with Briar this morning - the poker must have been too much last night for Brett to get out 5:30 a.m. J.T. didn't come in until the wee hours, himself. And he lost, how dare him!

I've done some research on IPods and MP3 players for Briar. I asked the All Knowing John Leighton and he said go with an IPod Nano or an MP3 player called a Lyra. I looked at the Lyra online and like it, but I talked with Briar about an IPod and he is leaning towards it. The main reason is because it plays files from Like, he wants to download the Harry Potter books and listen to them as well as music. Now, I think that you can probably do this with an mp3 player as well, but I think you may have to do some converting or something according to my research. All in all, I think that the IPod is going to be more user friendly for Briar too. I have a Rio MP3 player and the software is just not very stable. Since this is going to be Briar's first dealings with this kind of thing, it definitely needs to be user friendly. John Leighton said he didn't think they made an IPod Shuffle anymore, but I went to the apple store and they are there for as low as $69. Ofcourse the Shuffle doesn't have the screen like the Nano, which is $149. The All Knowing, Technologically Advanced John Leighton has the IPod with the video. I'm not even considering that. John Leighton has all the latest tech gadgets as soon as they hit the market. He had a PSP before I ever knew what one was. Briar comes home one day begging for some kind of $300 portable video game thing, and I know who to blame! I did get out easy on the PSP though - Briar saved his own money and purchased it for himself. That thing really is cool, too. I even like to play it. Anyways, I need to find out $70 worth of reasons that the Nano is better than the Shuffle for a 9 year old. So, if anyone out there can provide a few, please do. Michele said that her friend, Dawn, bought a Shuffle for her 10 year old and has yet to get it to work. So I must also take that into consideration.

By the way, if you aren't from Manchester, you may be wondering who the All Knowing, Technologically Advanced, Absolutey GQ John Leighton is. He is the 15 year old son of my friends, Sage and Dwight, and one of my only two connections (Ashley, Andrew's sister, would be the other one) to the new generation of hip (is "hip" even a cool word anymore?) teenagers in Coffee County - since I haven't been able to consider myself one of them in about 10 years. And their younger son, Stanton is one of Briar's best friends. Above is a picture of John Leighton and Laura Johnson on the ski trip we took in February. He managed to keep his all knowing, technologically advanced, absolutley GQ poise while snowboarding down the slopes of Beech Mountain, NC.


Michele said...

Are you getting on the scales before or after the long run????

Rae said...

I've got a Nano and I love it!! Between the two of us (and the dog...) we have 2 regular IPods (1 40 GB and 1 20GB), 1 Ipod Nano and a 256MB Samsung mp3 player. We use our regular ipods to store tons of music we mostly listen to at work or in the car. If you try to run with them they are likely to skip, and they're just a little big for that (but since it's for your son that may not be a factor.) I had the Samsung as my running mp3 player but it only holds about 2 hours of music and as I was marathon training that was not enough. I LOVE my nano!! You can create all sorts of playlists which is something the shuffle can't do, which is huge for me. I have different mixes for different lengths of runs - I have a half mix, a full m mix, a 5K mix, an "I'm gonna run for a while mix" and so on. You also have more functionality to play music by albums, artists, etc whereas the shuffle just shuffles. At 9 all of this might be a lot more options than he needs but he'll totally grow into it. I've had my original IPod for nearly 3 years and still use it!

Well, no doubt that was more info than you were looking for!

Lana said...

AFTER the long run ofcourse!!