Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week 13 - Day 5: 22 Miles

Today was 22 miles. I was a little worried, since this is the first run over 10 miles that I will have done by myself. My plan was to leave the rec center at 5:30 and run 22 miles all over town...then jump in my car, race home, and try to make it to my hair appt in M'boro by 10:15. So when I didn't leave the rec center until like 5:50, I knew I was going to be running behind. I got started out kinda rough - I couldn't get my fuel belt feeling comfortable so I messed with it until I realized it needed to be up higher. Then my keys fell out of my vest pocket, and I had to go back and get them and tie them to my shoe. My time at mile 1 was 10:36 Mile 2 was 10:09...I tried to pick it up some, but I still had several adjustments to make and couldn't get in a rhythm. And then mile 3 was 10:18. I knew I had some catching up to do, so I finally picked it up a little and ran the next several miles around 9:45/mile. I must say "thanks" to Uncle Coolidge, who stopped his car and let me pass at the main interestion!! I ran up to Lincoln St. and then over to Fox Crossing and back to Indian Springs, where I had finally evened out to averaging about 10:00/mile. But that would all be negated by the fact that on mile 9, in Indian Springs, I spotted a Port-O-Potty and had to take advantage of it. That made my time for mile 9 11:23. But believe me, the relief it brought was worth the time lost!!! So for next several miles I tried to get back down to averaging 10:00/mile again. I don't really remember when I did, but I ran down to Riverchase and finally saw Kimberly and Travis's new house. I knew it was their's because I saw Trav's little Mercedes sitting outside. I ran back up through White Oak, then back through town, down Hwy 55, up Interstate Dr., back down 53, and when I passed by Holly's apartment my mileage was 18.43. So I figured one more loop around the greenway and town should get me close. It did, when I got back I was at 21.6, so I ran up to the Ada Wright center then back around the greenway and hit 22 miles right before I got to the little bridge. As soon as I stopped my knees throbbed and my calves and quads tightened up. I knew right then that stopping to walk after 15 miles or so is not a good idea. My time for 22 miles ended up to be 38:18. Overall I felt really good. And according to my gps, I burned 2439 calories!!


Michele said...

You forgot to mention that you fell asleep at the movies that night.

Lana said...

Oh my gosh, yes!! I went out with the girls to Red Lobster and then to see "Failure To Launch"...and I couldn't stay awake!! You know it's bad when you can't stay awake for Matthew.