Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week 14 - Day 3: Foot Still Hurts - Back on the Bike

Ok - it's not just in my head - my foot hurts. This morning as I was lying in bed in thought "maybe your foot is just bruised a little...nothing major". Then I got up and realized it's not a bruise. It hurts when I move my toes a certain way. I really couldn't stand the thoughts of trying to run on it this morning, so I slept late and then hauled my bike to work. Instead of running, I rode my bike 18 miles during lunch. I was worried about the wind... and almost didn't do anything, but it turned out to be fine. I am hoping that like 40 hours of rest on this foot is gonna help. And hopefully I can run either my 8 miler or my 3 miler in the morning. I really should run the 8 - but if the foot is still hurting, it will probably be the 3. I am seriously considering going to see Dr. Superstein tommorrow during to lunch to see what he thinks.

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Michele said...

I am all for you going to the doctor and getting it checked out.
What is it with you and Tracy? Remember Tracy hurt her foot right before the CM Half last April! Y'all sure go to extremes to avoid running with me.