Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Week 15 - Day 2: What A Fun Workout!

Well, Briar decided to go with me this morning. He was barely awake on the way up there, but he woke up fast. He lapped me during our first mile!! Then he took a break and ran another mile and a half with Andrew while I finished up my 3 miles. He was really having a good time this morning. He loves to run with MP3 player, and he wants one for Easter. I'm not sure if I should get him a regular MP3 player or an IPod...because I just figure it's a matter of time before he asks for an IPod anyways. If anyone out there has one - please let me know if you recommend an IPod for a 9 year old, and if so, what kind. I haven't done much research on them lately. So anyways, after we finished running we went down to the pool to swim. He has been learning all kinds of stuff from his swim coach, and he tried to teach me some of it. I was very impressed and actually learned some stuff from him!! We swam a few laps but nothing major, and then got in the warm water therapy pool for a few minutes to relax. I was happy that Briar had a successful workout. He and Andrew decided that they are coming back tommorrow and are both going to swim after they run. I'll have to make sure he gets in bed on time tonight.

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Michele said...

Hey, I need some of those swimming pointers. What's Briar's hourly rate???

Dawn got her 10 year old an IPod shuffle, I will ask her about it.