Monday, March 06, 2006

Week 13 - Day 1: 880s at the Track

Today was supposed to be 4 fast 880s. Michele met me at the track this morning at 5:15. We ran warm up lap before starting the intervals. I hate the way I feel when I just take of on an interval with no warm up. It's that same sick to the stomach feeling I get when I take off too fast at a 5k race.
Anyways, I actually brought my camera and took some silly pictures as you can see. The time for the 880s according to my gps were:
1 - 3:38
2 - 3:32
3 - 3:37
4 - 3:28
Total Distance: 2.03 miles
Total Time: 14:17
Average Pace: 7:02/mi
Calories burned: 212

Acting silly!!!

Michele said "enough is enough"! Ha ha..not really - she could have done 4 more easy.

1 comment:

Michele said...

4 more what?!?!?!? I felt just like I look in that picture dead!!!!
Thanks for a good work out. Sorry I was late and thanks for not rubbing it in on your blog!