Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week 14 - Day 1: Intervals

6 x 880s on the track. Tracy ran them with me and Michele this time. Here are the times:

1. 3:39
2. 3:38
3. 3:35
4. 3:34
5. 3:33
6. 3:26

Not too bad. I wore my heart monitor.

Average heart rate: 155 bpm
Max heart rate: 178 bpm
Total calories burned: 307

During one of those 880s, I felt something hurt in my right foot. I think I might have pulled something on the outside/bottom of it. Not sure what...let's hope it isn't bad.


Michele said...

no wonder I couldn't keep up with you, you had two days off before this run!
Next time when you say, "Let's not kill ourselves. Let's take it slow. I will be happy with 8:00/mile" I am just going to laugh and remind you of this run!
BTW isn't Monday day one???

Lana said...

Yeah, you know, maybe the fact that I had 2 days off had something to do with why I was running faster and didn't realize it. I know that I felt much better during these 6 880s than I did the week before during the 4 880s - and we ran the 6 even faster! It sure didn't feel like it.

Lana said...

Oh yeah - I guess Monday should have been day 1....but since I actually did something other than sit on my rear end I decided to count it as day one. But I guess it should be week 13 - day something. I may go back and change it.