Sunday, March 05, 2006

Week 12 - Day 6: French Toast and 12 Miles Don't Mix I've always been really carefully about not eating very much before running. It's usually just a Cliff Bar at most. But today, J.T. talked me into going to Cracker Barrell a little before noon. And I knew that I had recently agreed to run with Leslie at 1 pm. I was feeling brave, and ordered the French Toast that comes with scrambled eggs and ham...and I ate almost all of it. Gary also met Leslie and me at 1:00, and we sat out for 12 miles. I felt ok the first few... and by 8 or so my stomach was getting heavy. By 10:00, I just wanted to throw up, but couldn't. I fought it off until we finished (12 miles in 1:51:19 which is much faster than I normally run) and then went on home to the comfort of my own bathroom where the French toast and scrambled eggs came violenty back up with a vengence. Ugh!!!! I will spare the details, but let me tell you - it wasn't pretty. But I felt great after that, and took the boys and Stanton swimming. I don't think I'll take tommorrow off. It's just 4 fast 880s, and I feel I am going to press on and hopefully have a better training week than I have had in a while.

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