Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Week 3 - Day 1: Hills

Back to the training. The schedule said 5-6 Hills at 5k - 10k pace. The plan was to run Jail Hill 6 times; it's about a quarter of a mile from bottom to top...I think thats about right for what cool running considers a long hill. The schedule didn't specify long or short, so I guess it didn't matter. Anyways, I parked at Hollys house and ran about a 1/2 mile warmup over to Jail Hill, then ran 6 repeats of the hill, jogging slowly back down each time. Michele had already called and warned me that it was tough, and it was. By the time I ran the 1/2 mile back to Holly's I did 4.1 miles in 37 min 32 sec. I also wore my heart monitor to see if I could get max heart rate. According to the data I uploaded to the computer, it looks like I reached 186 bpm near the end of hill 5, it also says that when I started running the first hill, I reached 219.....and I don't think that is accurate. I'm gonna do some more research and find out what normal max heart rates are. And besides, I'm sure my heart was working harder near the end than at the beginning. Anyways, next is 3 miles...should be fairly easy, maybe I can get some swimming in too....

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