Thursday, December 15, 2005

Day 4 - Another One Down

Six more miles down!!! I have now run 19 miles this week...that's usually what my weekly total is around...and I still have a 3 miler and a 10 miler to go. But I feel pretty good about it. I ran my 6 this morning on the treadmill. Tracy was there running too, and we talked the whole time so it made it pass a little faster. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do if the mid week runs start increasing alot, because 6 is about the max I can handle on the treadmill. There's just so many times you can watch the morning news and still be interested in it. Anyway, I am kinda proud of myself! And tommorrow I just have to run 3 - so I'm gonna try to give swimming another shot as well. I bought a trainer a while back so that I could keep biking during this cold weather, but I've yet to get it out of my car. There's just too much shopping and and wrapping presents to be done, and it'll Christmas before I know it. Isn't life great though!?!? I knocked out a little more shopping last night. I got my aunt Dana's present, my Grandmother's, and several more things for people. Even though it's cold and messy and hectic, this is a great time of year. My kids are singing christmas songs and shaking their presents under the tree...Briar gets out of school tommorrow morning for Christmas vacation...and J.T. has been working day and night lately so that he can get all his appraisals done and take some time off for Christmas. AND - it's time for my dad's yearly Bowl Game Pick'ems we're gonna be watching those bowl game scores. It's "The most wonderful time of the year"....

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