Sunday, December 18, 2005

Day 7 - Rest

Ok - I haven't posted Days 5 & 6, so here's the lowdown:
Day 5, Friday, I didn't do my 3 miles. :( I know...skipping on the first week. I had good intentions, but J.T. decided to go into work before 6:00 a.m., so I didn't make it to the rec center early. Then I finished my Christmas shopping the rest of the evening. Atleast I accomplished something.
Day 6, Saturday - The Long Run(10 miles) - Tracey, Michele and I ran together. We started at my house and ran down to the greenway, up and around town, then cut through the square and ran the greenway again before heading back up 41 hwy. I think we were a little over 6 miles at that point, so we decided to run through country was nice scenary ofcourse, but the hills were painful...and we ran so far around there that we got 10 miles about a 1/3 of mile before we got back to my house. 10 miles in 1:43 minutes. A little over 10 min miles...not too disappointed in that. But I'd like to keep that as close to 10:00 as possible. My legs were begging for a break by mile 9, though, so I think the pace was appropriate. All in all, it was a very enjoyable's always alot easier when you're with other runners. Plus, the weather was alot nicer than I had thought...mid 40's. I even took my hat off after a couple miles and just used my ear warmers.
Day 7 - Sunday (Today) - Not much to say about today as far as the training goes, since this is the rest day. J.T. went to the Titans game, and me and the boys went to church. I've gotten so much sleep this weekend that I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't make myself go back to weird is that...I don't think that has happened to me in the last 9 years - since Briar was born. Tommorrow is 5 miles of fartlek - and that includes a mile each of warm up and cool down.

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