Friday, December 23, 2005

Week 2 - Day 5: The Long Run

Week 2 is in the books for me, since I am not running on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Today was the long run, and turned out to be a little longer than it was supposed to have been. It was supposed to be 11 miles, but we ended up running too much through town and having too far to go back to my house. And since we were in a hurry to get home, we didn't stop at 11, we ran all the way to my house....which turned out to be 11.75 miles - completed in 2 hours. Michele and both felt good for some reason...didn't hurt nearly as bad as the 10 we ran last week. Tracy didn't feel well, though, she got a side stitch off the bat and struggled. Some days you have it, some days you don't.
The good news is - I have promised myself 2 days off, and I am satisfied with my effort and progress as week 2 is concluded and Christmas is here. JT and I are making a special trip to Birmingham, AL tommorrow morning; having Christmas with Vaughn, Colene, Jimmy, & Beth tommorrow, and then Santa will be here tommorrow night....I LOVE IT.

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theflash said...

WOW----you are awesome!