Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Day 3 - Got Back In The Pool

I was supposed to run 4 miles today, but I cut it short 1 mile so that I would have time to swim some laps. So I ran 3 miles on the track and headed for the pool. And on my way I got caught taking the elevator - haha!! I haven't mentioned it yet but my friends Michele and Tracy are also entering into this marathon training. Michele was at the rec center running her 4 miles, and made fun of me for taking the elevator!! What can I say? I told you in my profile that I am just an ordinary girl...I'll take a short cut every now and then.
I wasn't able to get much done in the pool. I did a few of my Total Immersion drills and had time to swim like 5 laps (250 m) before I had to go. Briar, my 9 year old son, was with me, and we had to get back home and get ready for school/work. My swimming needs so much work. I'm not sure how I'm gonna fit it in.
Tommorrow says I'm supposed to run 6 miles. I'm debating on whether I'll tackle that on the treadmill or the track. Probably the treadmill. I doubt I can keep up with 72 laps without losing count. The long run for the week, 10 miles, has now officially been scheduled for Saturday, Dec17th. Michele and Tracy are running with me. I don't know if Tracy's husband, Gary, is coming or not. I haven't looked at the weather forecast yet...

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