Thursday, July 27, 2006

That's More Like It

2 days have elapsed since I last posted. I'll start with yesterday. Yesterday I intended on getting up and either riding 30 miles or doing a 20mile bike/4 mile run brick. Neither of them happened. The alarm went off, it was still dark, and I made every excuse in the world as to why I should not get up and ride. I felt bad all morning, so when I took the boys to swimming lessons at 11 a.m., I jumped on the treadmill and ran 5 miles in 42:14. The treadmill had never felt easier, actually, and the pace I held really got me in a better mood. So good that I made it out of bed this morning for an early morning ride!! I met Michele and Kim at 5:10 a.m. at the rec center, and we rode the Normandy loop for 20 miles in 1:09. I really put out a good effort, was in a good mood, and was pleased with the ride. A few more workouts like that and I'll have the lazy streak defeated, I promise.

I am doing a long run tomorrow morning, and then we are heading to Hotlanta! Briar is going to participate in the Tri4Gold youth triathlon, and then we are going to spend the weekend playing around in the big city. This was kind of a last minute decision...a "well, why not?" kinda little trip. Hopefully Briar will enjoy the triathlon and Bo will not be too upset that he is not old enough to do it yet (he doesn't like to be left out).

On another note, I have to mention how excited I am about some of the things going on around me. First of all, my mother has lost 20 lbs! For about 3 months now she has been working out faithfully. She has completely changed her eating habits and has improved her blood sugar count, her cholesterol, etc. I have to say that this is SO inspiring to me, because it is a tough thing to do at 50+ years old. But she is dedicated, and I am so happy for her! It won't be long until she is up to running a mile on the treadmill without stopping - Awesome! Another thing is, my uncle Eric, who has been losing weight and getting into terrific shape during the past year, is going to be doing his first 5k race next month! He and my aunt have changed their diet and have been working out extremely hard during the past couple of years. I was so excited to hear that he had set a goal to run a 5k, and I know he is going to do great - he is naturally a good athlete anyways. I have to warn him to be careful, though, he might not realize how contagious that "running bug" can be!!! And to make things even better, I got a call the other day from one of my best friends from High School. She has decided to start running and getting in shape also, and was wanting some pointers on getting started. How cool!?! I get so excited when I see other people committing to changing their lives for the better like this because I know what a positive change it has brought about for me. I mean, it's life-changing, is it not? It's not just "oh, I'm gonna break a bad habit" or "I'm never going to eat a carbohydrate again" - it's changing your way of life. It's controlling what goes in your mouth instead of it controlling you (easier said than done, I might add, as I easily fall off the wagon here). It's saying "I care enough about myself to do what it takes to be healthy." It's about celebrating the gift of health that God gives us and making the most of it...fullfulling our potential in whatever way that we's about setting a goal, and putting in the time and effort required in each little step to reach that's about increasing your mental's about saying "you think I can't do that? Bring. It. On."'s about respecting yourself.

I love it.


david said...

You never know the impact you might have by the example you set.... It is great to see the impact you have had on those you care for.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome job today!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I agree with David. You are probably a great inspiration to your mother and uncle. I know you are to me just through your pictures and stories. Keep up the great work wish your little tri-athlete luck from me this weekend.

rice said...

All the best to your mom, that’s awesome news. I know just how you feel about your relatives and friends getting active. I don’t have that many around me looking to get involved but there sure are a lot that should be. I get very excited when they do come out and say “I want to make a change” I want to do every thing I can to help them. The wife says I end up pushing them to hard, she’s probably right. Then I end up getting upset when they drop back to there old life. What can you do.. It’s the old ‘horse to water’. Some times I just want to hold there dam head under and tell them how good its going to feel in the end.. I don’t think that would work ether.

Great work on the snooze, keep at it. You know if you get up at the same time every morning for 30days. At the end of 30days you will not be able to sleep past that time..



Lance Notstrong said...

I'm a firm believer in "it's never too late to get in shape". I know the older you get, the harder it gets but it's not impossible. And it's a funny thing, everyone that does it says the same thing...."I feel so much better than I use to" :-)

backofpack said...

You are a great example and inspiration to your friends and family - they are probably all responding to your enthusiasm and fitness. Way to go! Tell each and everyone of them congrats from your blog-readers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with everyone else, you are a great example, I have no doubt you started "the wave" and inspiring others! I found that once I started, my Dad started again, we did a family 5K with 3 cousins, a friend started doing tris, her husband did, and now I run fun races with 2 formerly non-running friends. It really can happen! Have a great weekend!