Monday, July 24, 2006

Backup Plan

My plan for today was to run 5 miles ending at the rec center, go in and lift weights and do lunges, then run the 2 miles back home. I have become lazy, however, and opted to stay in the bed yet AGAIN. It is official, folks, vacation has ruined me. Feeling a compelling urge to punish myself for "snoozing" this morning, I went to the track during lunch and set out for 6 x 800's. It was not nearly as hot and humid as it has been lately, so I caught a break there. Here's the numbers:

1 mile warmup: 9:08
6x 800's:

I am pleased with those numbers, considering the last time I ran 6 x 800's, numbers 2-6 were all over 3:40. Plus, I felt better this time. I was relaxed, and my perceived level of effort was not at the "I am gonna die" level, like it was the last time.

Tomorrow, I am going to get out of bed when the alarm goes off. No snoozing, no excuses. I am going to do the weights I missed out on today, and then do some swimming. Hold me accountable, please.

One more a time when I am trying to decide what my goals are, where my focus belongs, and why I should get up at 5 a.m. each morning, I was reminded by TriSaraTops - If you haven't already, go check out her latest post: Check Me In .


Michele said...

I wish you would have gotten up and run 800's with me this morning, your numbers are much better then mine!

TriSaraTops said...

Those are some smokin' numbers!

Thanks for the shout-out...! :)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Get up!! Get up!! Get up!!

david said...

I think the hardest part sometimes is getting out the door.

rice said...

Good luck with the snooze. It is truly evil; I have no idea who would have ever thought to put a 6-9 min delay on your alarm clock. What’s the point really? My wife and I had a “discussion” about it this morning. I get up 4:45 every morning to workout till 6 then I wake little Rice and get all our breakfasts ready. Her alarm goes off at 6:30. I bring her coffee at 6:40 or so and she gets up at 6:45-6:50. Then she’s upset that we are always 15-20min late getting out the door. “Maybe you can adjust your routine” she says to me. “WHAT?”

Anyway thanks for letting me rant. Oh and keep fighting the temptation to snooze, its worth it.