Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scenes From the Country Music Marathon

John D., Holly J., and myself after finishing the half. We were trying to figure out where Mile 20 was before our marathoners arrived.

Gatorade hand-off to Heather. We hadn't been there long when she showed up looking strong!

Here she comes!! My dad spotted Holly heading for mile 20, and I got the Camelbak full of Gu, Gatorade Endurance, Clif Shot Bloks, and Vaseline straped on and ready to run the last 6 with her.

We're off! Holly downs a Gatorade and we take off...

Holly spent more time than she would have liked at these things...LOL...but thank God they're there, right? Heck, I had to stop during the half to use one. When are we going to learn to do what IronJenny says and take the freakin' Immodium!?!?!

Running through Shelby Park...Mile 23

Mary Beth and Amy after finishing their first 13.1 in style!! Way to go, girls!!!

Michele gets the Sub-4!!

Heather gets the Sub-4!!

Here comes Holly down the finish chute - looking strong!!

And she did it - her first Full Marathon - Congratulations Holly-Welcome to the Club!!

The Flash and Holly

Holly and MomThe Congratulatory Hug

There are SO.MANY people at this thing that I didn't even come close to finding all my friends...much less get pictures of all of them...and I even left out some of them in my pre-race I'm going to make an attempt to congratulate them all. We really had a lot of people from Manchester to run this thing, whether it be the half or the full...and for a lot of them, it was there first time.

13.1 Congrats to:

Karen H. (first 13.1)
Mary Beth (first 13.1)
Amy N. (first 13.1)
Mike N.
Holly J.
John D.
Pam A. (she's back!)
Trevor T. (first 13.1)
Samuel M.
Lisa and her friends
Jay and Tammie (first 13.1)
Audra F. (first 13.1)
Patricia D.
Amy (David's daughter)
Ronnie E.
Tony P.
David E.
Melinda A.
Brian K.

26.2 Congrats to:

Lee S.
Tim G.
Heather D.
Jill M. (so glad I got to see you out there!!)
Wayne S.
Ronald M. (coach his son in T-ball last year)
Terry Q.


Melissa said...


I was curious if you still use your Garmin and, if you do, which Garmin do you have? I am shopping around and I don't know anyone who has one so I just wanted to grab some opinions.


kmholt7 said...

Great pics from the race. Congratulations on your run and the partial one with Holly! It was a fun experience.

TJ said...

Great pictures Lana!

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see how supportive you and your sister are for each other, and for that matter your family. Nice job.

Bill said...

Love that shot of Holly approaching the finish line.

I had to look close, but realized that I came in just 30 seconds (clock time) behind her.

And I'm glad that wasn't me with my shirt off. :o

Congrats to everyone!

david said...

I'm sorry I did get to see you Saturday. Holly is luck to have a sister to run the last leg with her.

momo said...

too cool - looks like a fantastic day.

oh, and the immodium? LIFESAVER. :-) if there was a team, i'd be on it.

jahowie said...

That was very nice of you to be her support crew for the last six miles. Congrats to Holly!! Thanks for posting the pics. :-)

triguyjt said...

great pics lana....and way to go to everyone, especially holly ..that was cool of you to run the final 6 with her. she looked strong...

thanks to Flash for the pics, haha

Benson said...

Great day, great pics, great support on your part.

IronTriTim said...

Great picks Lana, bet Holly really appreciated your bathroom shot!

IronJenny said...

Awesome! ANd great that Michele got sub 4!
Yes, I know I say it over and over about the Immodium thing... One day I will start a team and we can all be on it, ok?

tri-mama said...