Monday, May 05, 2008

My Life (the last few weeks) In Bullets

Perhaps this will explain the lack of posting and commenting...
  • Two weeks ago, on a Monday morning just like this one, I was sitting in my cubicle working quietly as always when someone came around the corner asking "Does anyone know CPR?" Being that I had gone through CPR training just several weeks prior, I stood up, and said "I do." I was led to an executive office where a man was lying on the floor, unconscience with no pulse and no signs of life. I administered CPR giving rescue breaths, along with another coworker who did the compressions, and we were able to revive him after two full cycles. I'll post more on this later.

  • The Country Music Marthon weekend was a blast. My boys ran the CM Kids Marathon and did great! They completed 25 miles in the weeks leading up to the event, and then they ran the last mile on the course and through the finish line. I've got lots of pictures to post from this. Oh yeah, and when it was over, Jeff Fisher and I made eye contact. ;)

  • Briar has been having a great baseball season. Check him out throwing some smoke:
  • Now check him out in the emergency room with a broken arm the next day... ...a product of horseplay with friends in the church parking will bring baseball season to a screaming halt if you aren't careful. Suffice it to say we are all heart broken. Going to see the orthopedist tomorrow. If you are the praying kind and you don't mind - pray for short healing time, please. No, it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things...but to an 11 year old who was having the best season he's had in 3 years, it's a big deal.

  • Trying to get ready for Gulf Coast. The training has gone really well. I've been able to incorporate it into my life almost seamlessly with a little help and understanding from J.T. and the kids. I haven't missed any ballgames or anything, and I haven't been overly tired. I did, however, experience a bit of burnout this past weekend. I took 2 consecutive rest days because I couldn't get motivated to do anything. Finally, on Sunday, J.T. pushed me out the door, and I did a 2hr bike/3 mile run brick, which turned everything around. Later I went on to the pool and did my 4,000 yd swim too. Did a 5 mile run today with HollyJane, and I'm ready to rest up for this weekend. I'll be heading down to Panama City on either Thursday or Friday, racing on Saturday, and soaking it up until we have to come back on Monday.

  • I've been worried about sharks at Gulf Coast after hearing the tragic news of Dave Martin. I know it's a different ocean, but I also know their are sharks in the Gulf. I started a thread on that didn't exactly ease my fears. If you wish to read it, it's here:;post=1774486;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;

  • Yesterday was mine and J.T.'s 12 year anniversary. We celebrated at Olive Garden - me, him and the kids...and that's about all we had the time or money to do this year. Ahhh, the days when gas was $.99/gallon and I drove a little Nissan Sentra. It cost me $12 to fill it up. This gas thing is a big deal. The trip to PCB for Gulf Coast this weekend and the trip back to PCB for IMFL in November is it for us. Instead of another big vacation, we are going to camp at some places fairly close and enjoy watching MLB games on TV. Which reminds me that I need to call Charter Communications and tell them how bad their cable service sucks. Ordinarily, I wouldn't know that every channel above 30 goes in and out constantly....but since we've been parking the car and staying at home, I've noticed.

  • Happy Belated Birthday TriMama!! I will be on time next year!

  • Congrats to Greyhound, Tac, and Curly Su who all conquered the Wildflower Long Course!!!


Jill said...

Lana! Don't beat yourself up about rest. You've been burning it at all ends. You're doing GREAT on training and it's all coming together. You will have a great GCT and IM FL. Soak up the sun and don't worry one bit about sharkbait. They don't like southern girls...too sweet for food.

kmholt7 said...

Praying for Briar (and the rest of you).

Anonymous said...

Wow, you haven't had a dull moment! Way to step up when your coworker needed help. Hope your son has a speedy recovery and is able to play baseball before the end of summer. Congratulations on your 12th. Best of luck this weekend. I am sure you are going to have fun and do great!

Oh and camping out and watching MLB sounds good to me!

stronger said...

Ahhh man broken arm. Hopefully it is a 3 week cast rather than months.

Awesome that you helped save a life.

Happy anniversary.

Coach Tammy said...

My whole Ironman South Africa trip began as a joke during Shark Week on the Discovery channel. I guess that's part of what made it seem exciting to me. But as they said in the first few posts on slowtwitch (that's how far I read), it's a million to one. I've had more close calls on the bike then in the ocean. Watch out for HUMANS!!!!

Lisa said...

Bless Briar's heart...he's in my prayers.

I hear on the gas thing! Thank God for the Honda. :)

Good Luck & have fun this weekend!

Rae said...

I'm sure all the excitement of the race will scare the sharks off! Just don't be last! =) Or first! =)

Poor Briar, that is one good looking pitch he has. I bet those wee bones will heal crazy fast.

triguyjt said...

lana...nice that you have an understanding family so you can squeeze in the workouts..
sorry about briar's arm.. he'll be back real soon.

best to you on gettting your mind wrapped around the aspect of swimming in the Gulf. You will be fine.

Happy Dozen years

jkrunning said...

It sounds like you've had a busy couple of weeks.
You saved a life. WoW.

Benson said...

Whoa! You are an angel of life. Way to go there.
Best wishes to Briar for a quick recovery and best luck to you at GCT. Have fun in the sun.

greyhound said...

awww, poor kiddo. Hope he feels better soon.

Taconite Boy said...

Prayers with your son. Hope he heals well.

Thanks for the shout out.

Ryan said...

I am glad you know CPR, you might get a chance to use it on me at GCH if things go wrong for me.

The only bloggers that I know of that are going are you and shirley pearly.

Let me know if you know of anyone else, looking for familar faces on th e run course will help ease the pain!

Good Luck Sat, maybe we will run into each other along the way.

Wes said...

Lana, you are a life saver! Literally!! I'm sure that man was so grateful that you were there AND you knew what you were doing...

Don't worry about sharks in the Gulf. They are first and foremost survivalist. When the school of Triathletes hits the water, they will head for parts unkown. For sure :-)

Good luck, and have a great time at GCT!!

Eric said...

Man, that really sucks about your son's arm, especially him being a pitcher. Hope he gets well soon.