Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cold Weather & Rain, Allergies & Knee Pain

Ok, I’ve got to get caught up. This is always a crazy time of year for me – it seems like 90% of my families birthdays are this time of year, but mix that with nasty weather, marathon training and long work days, and it gets really crazy. So, I am going to attempt to catch this blog up before it gets too far gone. Last week after the century and my 30th birthday party, I was little more tired than I had planned on being. But I got my speed work done Monday and was at and below target pace on all the 400m intervals. I rode my bike about 15 miles Tuesday in 48:42 during my lunch break, and then I did my tempo run Wednesday after work. It was very close to target pace, but I kept noticing knee pain. I did my time trial dvd on the trainer Thrusday; I finally got back to the pool and swam Friday,I and did my 18 mile long run Saturday – just me and the iPod.

The iPod is actually Briar’s, but I manage to borrow it every now and then. I listened to the Pheddipidations podcast and enjoyed hearing Steve Runner during his cool World Wide Half Marathon. Then I listened to the newest GYGO podcast and totally cracked up about Wil giving the Kahuna a hard time about him not mowing his own lawn – haha!! And then I listened to the TriTalk podcast, a very informative one that is fairly technical but has GREAT information. As I got down to the last 4 miles, though, I had to have some music. I switched off of the podcast and listened to some of Briar’s motivating tunes. I completed the 18 miles with an average pace of 9:49, though, and was supposed have been down around 9:30 according to FIRST. My knee ached for a good bit of the way, but it didn’t ever get unbearable. And ofcourse I wore too many clothes and had to stop and shed my fleece jacket, gloves, and ear warmers at mile 14. And those last 4 miles were pretty painful, but I did manage to finish fairly strong. This run was not nearly as good as my last 20 miler, so I was a little disappointed, but atleast it’s in the books.

I did nothing Sunday because my legs and especially my knee did not feel up to it. Then I did nothing Monday (yesterday) either. It was Briar’s birthday – 10 years old – and we did all kinds of celebrating for him, including taking him to his favorite restaurant – Demos’s – for dinner. His big present was a new basketball goal, since he shot the one he’s got out with his BB gun a couple years ago....yeah, I sorta refused to buy another one for a long time.

I’ve got lots of pics to post – pics from my 30th birthday party and also of my now 10 year old first born. I’ve also got to get my speed work done today, and get back on track for the rest of the week.

Oh – and Congrats to Papa Louie and DaisyDuc who had great Colombus Marathons!!


Cliff said...

I have to get back to the podcast. I stop listening half way through this year. Now have to store them for those lonly winter training nights.

Way to push through the run. Glad to hear your olong run u dont' ahve any knee pains.

rice said...

lol, Such a boy thing to do with a BB gun.. Well rest assured, all them little 'bad' things that he does end up making a better man out of the boy..



david said...

What a week...makes me tired just reading it. Sound to me like your training is going great....just take care of your knee.

Papa Louie said...

Do take care of your knee. You want to be able to continue your marathon training without sidelining yourself.

What I learn from my FIRST training experience is that the long runs are inmportant and to run them at close to marathon pace is good but I would run them more specific. The first half of the run I would run 15-30 seconds slower than what is scheduled but then the 2nd half I would run it at prescribed pace. I think it is very important to train your mind and body to run faster in the later miles of your run. I also would not fret over short changing my interval and tempo run times. Some days you're on and some days you're off and that's life. Lana, continue to have fun and run with others. Where is Michelle? I hope she is OK.

Lance Notstrong said...

Gun play with the basketball goal? Give'em a break, maybe he was just mad :-)

Michele said...

Does that mean you will be taking down the tire swing???

Tell Briar Happy Birthday for us. Plan to be there Sunday, if I can get everyone well.