Monday, October 23, 2006

Putting a twist on cross training, Week 9's Long Run, and a Birthday Party

When I say "Putting a twist on cross training", I'm not talking about hopping on the eliptical or playing some raquetball. I am still giddy about what I did Saturday morning. I have been keeping an eye on the South Cumberland State Recreation Area website because I had heard from a coworker that the park rangers there have some awesome activities on the weekends. This Saturday's activity was rock climbing, so I planned to take Briar and Bo to this while J.T. went to the Alabama vs. Tennessee game. I really didn't know anything about it, but my coworker had told me that most activities were suited for adults and kids alike. So at 8:00 a.m. we set out to "The Stone Door" to check it out. When we got there, we were the only ones to show up so far, and the park ranger - Ranger Angelo - introduced himself and took us out to an awesome overlook. The trees were beautiful and it was a beautiful day. Ofcourse, I had forgotten my camera, but he had one and took a few pics of me and the boys (he should be sending them this way soon, and I'll post them - I can't wait!). So then he takes us down through the Stone Door and gives us the history of it, and we arrive at the climbing site.

(This is not us climbing, but I found this photo on the net of the same place.)

I was pretty scared, but Briar was stoked and couldn't wait to start climbing. Bo, on the other hand, made it perfectly clear that it was too scary and he didn't want to try. He played around in the rocks and entertained himself nicely, though. Angelo gave us our harnesses and explained how it worked, and Briar started climbing. It wasn't like a man made wall or anything with things to put your feet on - we had find places in the natural rock to put our feet. Briar made it all the way to the top, with plenty of instruction from Angelo, and then I belayed him as he came back down. He loved it. Then it was my turn. I was so nervous my legs were shaking, but soon realized that the rope attached to me was as safe as could be. It took me forever, but I finally made it to the top. Some of Angelo's friends soon showed up and climbed for a while, then Briar climbed again and made it to the top again. I tried again, but only made it 3/4 of the way this time - I guess I just sorta caved in mentally since I was still pretty tired from the first time. Briar liked it so much, he did it a third time too. And since there wasn't a big crowd, Ranger Angelo asked if we wanted to try rapelling. I was like "sure!!". I'd always wanted to try this, so now seemed like the perfect opportunity. I didn't figure it would be anything too scary, but when we looked out over the 180 foot, yes - 180 foot - high cliff I was scared to say the least.

(This is the cliff!)

I'm sitting there watching them secure the ropes and all thinking,

"Oh dear. This like, the real deal."

It was certainly not for the faint of heart. So Angelo sends his buddy Michael down first, and then it's Briar's turn. He was very nervous trying to get back off the ledge, but with Angelo's assurance, he closed his eyes and got started. A lady on a rock across the way a little bit took his picture as he was going down, and she should be sending it to me soon. It was an awesome pic! I was so proud of him....he made it all the way down the 180 feet with no problem. Then it was my turn, and I was like a scared little puppy dog trying to back off that ledge. I ended up having to get down on my hands and knees and stuff - it was quite hilarious to the spectators I'm sure. But once I got going, it was exhilirating. I made it to the bottom, and then came back up for another go at it. We were there all day long, and I was glad that I had brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drinks for the boys. I just can't tell you how much fun we had! It was a beautiful day, we were learning to do new, awesome, exciting things, and we were out in God's beautiful creation having fun. And you wanna what else was great about it? It was FREE!!! Totally. I was thinking "Man, we pay lots of money for things like Disney World, amusement parks, etc., but none of that compares to this - and this doesn't cost a dime!" I am completely sold on it. I already can't wait to go back. The next time, instead of being so scared the whole time, though, I think I'll pay closer attention to how everything is hooked up and try to educated myself a little on the sport. Pictures should be coming soon - so check back.

Now, on to my 20 mile run scheduled for Sunday. The Mach Tenn Running Club supported a 20 mile run Sunday, so it worked out great for me. The only people to show, though, was myself, Leslie and Dutch (her dog), and Joe(a fast as lightning guy who lives in Manchester). Dutch isn't good for much more than 8 miles, and Joe had done a century the day before, so they both ran 4 miles out with me then turned to go back. I kept on going, planning to slow the pace a little once they were gone. We had been doing around 9 min miles and my pace was suppose to be 9:30 - 9:45. At some point, though, I slowed it a little too much according my my splits on the Garmin. It turned out to be pretty weather even though the forecast had called for rain. Joe hopped on his bike after getting back to the starting point, and caught back up with me around mile 11. We chatted, and it really helped the miles to go by. I felt good pretty much the entire way. I was upbeat and happy to be running even though I had been cursing my running shoes earlier when putting them on. I think it's just amazing how sometimes you don't want to run or workout, but once you get going, it feels great and you are so thankful that you made it out the door. Anyways, around mile 16 the route came back into town so Joe took off back home. I made a loop through town to finish off the 20 miles and felt strong the entire time. Here are the numbers:

Mile 1:9:01
Mile 2:9:15
Mile 3:9:06
Mile 4:9:22
Mile 5:9:46
Mile 6:11:04 (Stopped to drink some water and Gu that Joe had set out)
Mile 7:9:55
Mile 8:10:07
Mile 9:10:10
Mile 10:9:38
Mile 11:10:15
Mile 12:10:39 (More water and Gu)
Mile 13:9:56
Mile 14:10:00
Mile 15:9:48
Mile 16:9:29
Mile 17:9:42
Mile 18:9:28
Mile 19:9:09
Mile 20:8:58

Total Time: 3:14:57
Average Pace: 9:45
Average Heart Rate: 157 bmp
Max Heart Rate:174 bmp
Total Calories burned: 2699

I'm thinking maybe I didn't push hard enough from mile 8 to mile 14. And I'm not sure about my average heart rate either. Is 157 about right? I'm thinking it may be a little too low, especially since I just barely hit my target for average pace.

After the run, I had an ice bath and started getting ready for Briar's baseball game. And after the game, we had his birthday party at the rec center.


John said...

What a great treat for the boys (and yourself)! Climbing is such an exhilerating experience - totally makes you feel like a fearless (?) kid again.

Nice job on the long run - the hard part is almost totally behind you now. Congrats!

- John.

Flatman said...

Man, I am sooo jealous. That is a way cool thing and it was FREE????

Great job getting the kids into awesome new hobbies!

Long run? Check. Nice.

Cliff said...

Why is there a need for amusement park or disney world when God create some of the funnest activity out there? :)

I got a quick question about HR. 157 bpm = 90% max HR. Would that be a bit high to train for a long run?

I hope my question didn't freak you out. I am just wondering b/c I want to narrow down my trainign zones as well.

How you feel after the long run? Considering you ran faster at the end, you must be feeling pretty well.

I am jealous of Briar. I wish I can book out a pool for my b-day too. So I can get my long swim with NO interruption :D **maybe i can rent a lane* :D

Lance Notstrong said...

You're like a dare devil Lana!!!

157 ave HR for a 9:45 pace is awesome!!! I use a HR ceiling of 162 for my runs according to CTS. Since you're younger, 165 might be better. But CTS says anything under 162, not "keep it as close to 162 as possible". So I think 157 was great. If I could do that for 20 miles, I know I would be happy!!!

qcmier said...

I've never done outdoor climbing but that looks like tons of fun. I may try to do some indoor stuff this winter.

Oh sorry for being just a little late, but happy birthday!!!

Phil said...

Great story on the rock climbing ... you're right ... this looks like much more fun than Disney Land!

Congrats on your 20 miler so soon after your century. I was particularly impressed with mile 19 and 20. You had a very strong finish indeed.

Rae said...

Rock climbing is such a blast!! We've only done indoor and it wears us OUT. My arms end up like jelly but it's such a great feeling when i tackle a tougher rated course! (At Climb Nashville they have all sorts of levels of difficulty.)

Great job on the LR!!!!

Bridgette said...

Where are those pics?!

TriSaraTops said...

You are the coolest mom EVER. Can I be like you when I have kids?

Great job on the run! You negative split it, so that's awesome.