Thursday, July 12, 2007

No sugar, please

After my lunch this past Sunday, July 8th, I decided to stop eating refined sugar. Now, I don't mean I'm refusing to eat anything that has a trace of sugar in it, but within reason, I am cutting it out of my diet.

The reason?

I am addicted to it. I want to break the addiction to this stuff because I know I'll feel better if it's not dominating my diet - like it has been for some time. And since white bread turns into sugar when it's broken down, I've taken that out too. And you know what? I don't have hardly anything to eat!!! I didn't realize it, but sugar and bread are about the only things I eat. That's not good.

So, when I went out to my parents' house Sunday evening, I had to turn down the homemade chocolate ice cream. Monday morning when I made my coffee, I had to drink it black, instead of black with Splenda. Oh yeah - no artificial sweeteners either. I got myself in a bind Tuesday because I was starving. I had done a brick early that morning, and then rushed to work without eating breakfast. Our department had lunch at Miss Mary Bobo's - which comes with the desert they are serving that day. I was still so hungry I ate a piece of pie!! So then Wednesday I wanted sugar again all day, but I held out. And today, I'm doing alright. My goal is to do without sugar until I don't want it any longer(and drop about 10 lbs). And right now, that seems impossible. But we'll see how it goes.

I will say that after the second day, I started enjoying my coffee just as well without any sweetener in it.

Swim class went well last night, by the way. 3450 yards total. Talk about a workout! Here's what it was:

20 minute warmup (850 yds)

8 x 75 - kick/drill/swim

400 on 7:30

4 x 100 recovery on 2:15

300 on 5:30

3 x 100 recovery on 2:15

200 on 3:30

2 x 100 recovery on 2:15

100 on 1:45

100 recovery on 2:15

Total: 3450 yds

I needed that.


david said...

Wow...that is some workout. Now I know I'm not ready to join the class! I wouldn't make it through the warm up.

Tom said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog. Keep up your great posting and training, and good luck this weekend in Chattanooga.

Phil said...

Honey ... natural food, plenty of good carbohydrates. Beats the heck out of refinded suger, splenda or any of that other junk the food industry wants to force on us because it's cheap.

jkrunning said...

If you can do it, maybe you can inspire me to give it up. I, too, am an addict.

Kate said...

Good work with the sugar! I need to try something like that.

Benson said...

I agree with phil, Honey is my choice of sweetener. Good for you taking care of yourself and kicking the addiction.

Tri-Dummy said...

I agree with Phil. Use honey. Drinking black coffee will give you bitter face...someone slaps you on the back...then your face is stuck like that. Not good.

Mallie said...

I'd been doing really well on the Paleo diet until I had all the teeth issues. I'm back on it now so I'm doing the big diet change with you, girl.

I find that once I get over those first few days I get plenty of sweetness through my fruits and even some veggies and nuts.

E-Speed said...

I can't imagine coffee without sugar :) That's why I switched to tea. I think you will notice a huge difference without the sugar. Switching to tea and cutting back on beer had me dropping weight pretty quickly.