Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day

The 2007 Manchester Little League season is officially underway. We got up Saturday morning and met up with our teams at 8:30 to march in the parade at 9:00. We had opening day ceremonies, and then Briar's game at 1:00. Bo didn't have a game, since T-ball doesn't start playing until the middle of April, and he was not too happy about that. Nonetheless, it was a good day. This is the 50th anniversary of Manchester Little League. Briar's team won, even though his batting appearances were all strike outs. :( He was nervous. And I couldn't do anything about it. It's so tough to sit in those stands and be completely helpless like that. On a positive note, he did very well on defense and made a couple good plays on the 2B and SS. I'll post some pics shortly. Needless to say, after church yesterday, we went straight to the ball field and met up with a couple other boys for batting practice. He plays again Tuesday, so let's hope the baseball gods look more favorably upon him then.

On to swimming, biking, and running. I think I left off before lunch Tuesday. I had a tough run that morning, with sore legs. But I had a much better bike during my lunch break. I did the out and back Staggerwing course, doing a 15 minute warm up, then 2x(5x3min intervals w/1min RI) and 15 minutes in zone 1/2 between the 2 sets, and then a 15 minute cool down. This was the first time I have done this workout off the trainer, but it worked out just fine. I did 23.56 miles in 1:16:50, and worked out almost all of the soreness in my legs. It was a beautiful day, and I was glad to be out riding.

Thursday I did 6+ mile run in 58 minutes, then had a 2000 yd swim.

Friday was supposed to be a rest day, but with Saturday being entirely devoted to Little League, I moved Saturday's workout to Friday and left Saturday open for family. I figured this probably wasn't ideal as far as the plan's intentions, because Saturday was supposed to be a 50 minute swim, 2 hr bike, and 20 min run, then Sunday was supposed to be a 30 min bike and 80 minute run. I assume the purpose was to have some awfully fatigued legs when it came time to do the 80 minute run, but oh well. I started at 5:45 a.m. Friday morning at the pool. The swim went well, then I changed and got on my bike. I felt great pretty much the entire time I was on the bike, and I also drank my cherry OS Endurance drink. I think I approve of it, too. It didn't upset my stomach like Accelerade did once (the one and only time I tried it), and it wasn't thick and grainy. It didn't taste great at first, but after about half the bottle, I acquired the taste for it just fine. We got these drink mixes at our swim class a while back - the people from OS came and gave them to us to try out. We got a sample of every one of them, and I am thinking they just might work for me. Supposedly they pack enough calories and nutrition that you don't have to eat solid food or gels while doing endurance events. If that's the case, then I'm down with that, sistas. And bruthas. I'm down with anything that might eliminate that awful urge for the port-a-potty I have around mile 19 during a marathon. So anyways, the bike ride ended up being 35.6 miles in 2:06, and the run was 2.32 miles in 20 minutes. The bike and the run were supposed to be done in Zones 1 and 2. My average HR on the bike was 139, and my average HR on the run was 152. I haven't really calculated my zones because I've been lazy about that, but I'm pretty sure that's not zone 1 or 2. The bike might be close at 139, but the run isn't. I believe my max heart rate is somewhere between 186 and 190, and I haven't taken my resting HR in a while. Ok, I just did, manually by counting my pulse for 60 seconds, and it came out to 62 bpm. Of course, I know it's supposed to be taken before you get out of bed, and not at 11:30 a.m. having previously finished a big cup of coffee. But if you happen to be one of those people who likes to analyze stuff, have at it and tell me what my training zones should be. I think my Garmin software does that for me, too. I should play around it with and find out myself, I guess.

Enough on that. So I rested Saturday, and then Sunday I rode with one of my best friend's brother, who is in town for a short while and has been training for his first tri. He stopped by my house on his SWEET Specialized Roubaix, and we took off for a short ride through the country. I was only supposed to do 30 minutes, but it's kind of hard to get any kind of loop in just 30 minutes, so we ended up doing 56 minutes. We rode down MG England Rd, which I've never been down before, and boy was it beautiful out there. Afterwards, I ran from my house to the main intersection in town and back - 6.42 miles in 1 hour. My legs actually felt great the whole time. This too, was supposed to be in zones 1 and 2, so I tried to just run at a comfy pace and not kill myself. Wrigley also ran with me, and made it just fine the entire way.

So all in all, a pretty good week of training. I think it's safe to sign up for the Memphis in May Oly. It doesn't look like Little League games are going to be in the way, as long as we make it a short trip. And being that it's right there close to Tunica, MS, I haven't gotten any resistance from J.T. ;)

Happy training to you all this week!


Joe said...

> Saturday was supposed
> to be a 50 minute swim,
> 2 hr bike, and 20 min run,
> then Sunday was
> supposed to be a 30 min
> bike and 80 minute run.
> I assume the purpose
> was to have some
> awfully fatigued legs
> when it came time to
> do the 80 minute run

Are you sure the actual purpose wasn't to put you in the hospital? Mere mortals like me probably couldn't finish a workout like that. Good job, Lana!

Bridgette said...

You're rockin it girly! Keep it up! I need some Lana Juice in my morning coffee!

Michele said...

I think your training program is harder then mine. Remind to avoid it!!!
Great job on all the workouts.

tri-mama said...

holy cow! Sounds like a great weekend and an awesome training week, way to make the most of your training time. Note to Trimama-read Lana's blog before working out...

Mallie said...

Another stellar week of tough workouts and awesome attitude. I'm sure the batting will improve once his nerves settle. Nerves can be great things...but sometimes they really wreak havoc on the body and mind.

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like one heck of a busy week!! You are getting in some great training so bring on theat May tri!!

qcmier said...

I love "opening day." Good luck with Memphis in May. That sounds like such a fun race.

Ellie said...

Holy cow, you're training your a$$ off. Amazing!!