Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bags are packed

Sort of. I still have some things to add that aren't quite ready yet. But, this is definitely a PR for packing early. I normally start packing about 10 p.m. the night before I'm going somewhere. Not for this one, though. I have been worried to death that I'll leave something here. So I have slightly overpacked. But hey, anything that gives me peace of mind right now gets the green light.

I called our hotel this morning to find out if we had a refridgerator in our room. The answer was "no, but do you need one for medical purposes?" ~silence~ I was thinking hard about saying yes, but I decided I needed all the good vibes I could get for this trip, so I didn't lie. I said, "Well, I'm running the marathon and if you consider needing a refridgerator to store my Gatorade and water in a medical purpose then that works for me!" The lady laughed and said, "Well, no, we normally charge $20 for that, but I'll note that you need this and you can talk to the front desk about it when you arrive. They might wave it for you." Hmmmm...I sure hope they do. We'll see.

J.T. informed me tonight that Hank Williams Jr. was going to be playing at Ceaser's Palace while we there. I got all excited because - go ahead, call me a redneck if you must, but - I LOVE HANK! I know like, every word to every one of his songs. So I was VERY excited...until told me that he was playing on Saturday night. And to make it worse, at 10:30 Saturday night. I plan to be asleep at 10:30 Saturday night, folks. A country boy can survive, but a country girl can't survive 26.2 after staying up all night jamming to Hank. So forget that. Oh well.

Ok, on to training. Tuesday's speedwork went fine. I did it on the treadmill, a 1 mile warmup, then 6x400m @1:43 each w/a 400m jog @6.0 mph in between, and a 1 mile cooldown. Then today I did 1 hour of spinning on my trainer that included a 10 min warmup, 10 x 1 min sprint then 3 min easy, and a 9 minute cooldown. I caught up on an old Grey's Anatomy episode while doing so.


Bob Gentile said...

YES no Hank JR :-(

Instead of the Song: Dixie on My Mind ...You BETTER have "Marathon on Your MIND" at 10pm, ready to count sheep--LOL

Good Luck Lana...Look forward to your report... Your Going to do GREAT!!


Rae said...

Good luck in Vegas! Have an awesome trip!

Maybe Hank will come to Nashville sometime soon. =)

The thing I ALWAYS forget on destination races is something to eat whatever my breakfast is! Plastic forks, spoons, bowls, all that jazz! Gets me every time!

Have a safe trip! If you're at the airport here and realize you've forgotten something give us a call and we'll drop it off!

david said...

Have a GREAT race!

Flatman said...

Good luck and have fun out there!!!! Can't wait to hear how it went... :)

Lance Notstrong said...

Good luck Lana :-)

You mean Hank's only playing one night?

Cliff said...

..who is hank william? :)

Anyways..about the HRM..i only put it on the night before b/c I have that I spend so much time to put it in the morning...saves so much time and frustration.

Soon, maybe i will be dressing in my run gear to bed. Then I can just get up and run.

Papa Louie said...

Have a great time in Vegas! Enjoy the excitement in the air and keep your focus. You'll run great!

walchka said...

Good luck this weekend! You are going to do great. Have fun in Vegas. Personally I think you can't have a bad time in that city.

Michele said...

Good luck, girl. You are going to do awesome. You have trained hard and are ready!
I will have my phone with me all day Sunday waiting on your finish time. Hope JT is able to update your blog while you run.
Praying for you and good weather.

Phil said...

Speedy 400s Lana ... I think 1:43 works out to 6:50 and change. That's moving. Have a safe trip to Vegas. Really looking forward to this race report. We'll be sitting at home hitting the results link every 30 seconds or so on Sunday.

Have a great race! You're in great shape.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Good luck girl!!

RunBubbaRun said...

All you need is your race shoes, race clothes, and a smile on your face. You'll do great, have fun out there.

Kate said...

Have a fabulous time! You're going to rock it :-)

E-Speed said...

Good Luck this weekend! You are going to rock!