Thursday, October 09, 2008

Inventory Time - Peak Week

This is the peak week. I ran 14 this morning in 2:07. Tomorrow I swim 5000yds, ride 100+, and run 1hr and 15 min. Saturday I ride 2 hours and swim 1600yds. Sunday I just swim 1800 yds. Let's take inventory:

Swim: It's been better in recent weeks. I've missed a few sessions lately. But I know I can complete the distance. I just need to not be missing anymore swims.

Bike: I just don't know. I've done so much long biking lately that I can't even judge where I am with it. Can I ride 112 miles after swimming 2.5 miles? Absolutely...and probably with ease considering that I still feel fairly well at the 90 mile marker these days. How fast, though, is yet to be seen.

Run: I've been in better running shape, that's a fact. The 20 miler last week wasn't too much of a challenge, although my legs did get pretty tired near the end. I know the marathon will involve some walking, I just hope to minimize it as much as possible.

Nutrition: We're going with Infinite and a peanut butter and honey sandwich on the bike. I'll probably carry along some gels or Shot Bloks just in case, but doubt I'll use them. The Infinite should take care of all my calorie and electrolyte needs, but I also like to have something solid in my stomach because I don't like to feel hungry. I plan on drinking 1 24 ounce bottle of Infinite every hour, along with water as needed. And when/if I feel hungry, I'll eat the sandwich. On the run, I'm going with what the course has to offer, plus my own gels. I'll probably start out with the water/gel combination, then resort to the Gatorade when I can't stand the thought of another gel.

Diet: Blah. Being as though I ate a cheeseburger from Burger King and a Wendy's Frosty yesterday, I have to give the diet 2 thumbs down. Gotta get it together. Now.

Strength Training: Nonexistant lately. 2 thumbs down.

Mental Prep: Getting better, but still somewhat cloudy. I need an extra 3 hours each day, and 1 extra day per week and all would be good. I must admit, I don't feel much excitement about a 10 hour workout while my kids are at home on fall break. It's got to be done, though. I do, however, feel much excitement (if that word even justifies it) about standing on the beach at the start line of IMFL...and there aren't many words to describe how I feel about crossing that finish line. Sideways thumbs.

Equipment: Bike needs a tune up, need to schedule that ASAP. Need to purchase new running shoes this weekend. Need to nail down what I'll be wearing. Need to buy some more tubes for Tom's wheels. Need an aerobottle. Need a new flat pack. Need better aerobar pads. Need to order the hitch and bike rack for the Prius. Geez...can the government bail me out of all these expenses?!?!?! Thumbs down on this one; I've got work to do.

See you on the other side of Week 17...


Missy said...

Um, I thought Ironman was Saturday, November 1, not Friday, October 10. Jeeze, good luck and hang tough tomorrow.

Michele said...

Sounds like you are on track. Get those equipment needs taken care of (spoken by the girl who doesn't even know if her tire is going to hold air).
I am so glad I am not using your training plan. I don't think I would make it through the weekend.

Iain said...

Jeez Lana, yesterday/todays workouts scare me. Do you need that big a workout so close to the race? Are you going to have time to recover properly? I read this and feel really guilty about all the sessions I've missed (ooops).
My long runs (1h30m+) are over and I've got my last long bike on Saturday.
If you've got to get new trainers/bike stuff for the race get it NOW so that you've got some time to bed it in before race day.
Good luck with the big session and make sure that you take the taper as seriously as you've taken the training.
Don't worry about the diet, I had a KFC bucket last night ;)

Nearly there! It's time to chill.

Ryan said...

Its like we are twins or something. I have a 5600 swim in about an hour. 18 miles hard followed by another swim tomorrow. Then 120 with a 2 hr run on Sunday. My diet sucks. I need more time, and everything costs way too much. I'm looking forward to Nov 2nd.

21 days!

Cliff said...


It's a good idea to try diff nutrition strategy on training to see what works and doesn't work for you.

My exp is that I never had trouble with infinite on my long ride/run. On race day, 2 hr in to the run, I kept having indigestions. I ended up ditching infinite and switch to gel/gatorade/grapes instead.

I am pretty sure u are ready for the IM (not that everyone is ever ready for it). I never run more than 20 miles on any of my long run and I still negative split on the marathon portion of the race.

Wes said...

That cheeseburger and frosty is totally going to rebuild lean muscle mass :-) I'm in my final long week as well, and I just ain't doing those numbers. I'm sure you will rock the hizouse!!

I think our biggest fear come Nov 1 is nutrition. If that fails us, all goes to naught, or even worse, we end up like Ryan at last years IM FL. Dear GAWD!!! :-)

Chloe said...

Just wanted to drop a note to cheer you on for your ironman! I've been training with a few people who are doing Florida and they looking forward to the taper!

I'm actually in the area and volunteering as a drafting marshall and then we are going to be on the run course to cheer everyone on!!


JP said...

WOW,you are going to be ready to rock it 11/1 @ 7:00AM. Enjoy your taper weeks, get some rest,eat,get rubbed on.

Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah! I hope this weekend treated you well!!

DaisyDuc said...

Girl, it sounds like you really got your stuff together for this thing!! Keep it up!

TJ said...

..."Tomorrow I swim 5000yds, ride 100+, and run 1hr and 15 min."

Dadgum! That's an IM training session there.