Monday, September 08, 2008

Lost Momentum

My best-laid plans went awry this weekend.

There was one thing I did not factor into my grand scheme of training and wrapping up my third "hard week" and my first "200 mile bike week." That thing would be an ear infection. Not of my own, but of Briar. It was an infection in the middle ear, and swimmers ear in the canal, and it got so bad Thursday and Friday that he couldn't sit still, much less sleep. The meds we got Thursday just weren't strong enough, and it resulted in a trip back to the doctor on Saturday morning.

I only got to ride 20 miles on Friday. I got zero training on Saturday. By Sunday, I was able to go get in a great lake swim early in the morning, but plans to go to the Titans game meant that was all that I would be doing. So I missed out on 140 miles of biking and 6 miles of running, but the ear infection is now better. Priorities.

It's not that big of a deal, really. I have most definitely lost momentum - I was going long and strong, but if you can't deal with a setback here and there, you don't need to be training for an ironman. My plan is to go on with this week in the way I was going to, except that instead of the easier weekend plans that I had, I'll substitute a 100 mile ride/3 mile run in one way or another.

Next week will be a hard one, too, then the next will be a recovery week.

The main problem with this is that momentum thing...I've lost training, sleep, and motivation. So much so that I couldn't pull myself out of bed this morning for my hill repeats. It'll be done at lunch. That should jump start the momentum, and we'll get back in route.


Michele said...

Sorry to hear about Briar, but glad he is better.
I am riding 90-100 Friday after I drop the kids at school, if you want to join me.
And don't worry about the momentum, you will get it back and then some. Your training is going great.

Eric said...

My weekend got screwed too. Momentum is easy to lose and hard to get back.

Anonymous said...

Ear infections are the worst. Hope Briar is feeling much better.

You'll get the momentum back. All you need is one great workout and you'll be on your way. Stay positive, keep working hard and have fun with the training.

kmholt7 said...

I hope Briar is better. It makes my ear hurt just thinking about it.

I have no doubt your momentum will be back quickly!

jahowie said...

I sure that you will get your momentum back. A few good workouts in a row and that fire will continue to burn. :-) I hope that Briar gets better.

Mae said...

I know Brair's better from the way he was in class today... Perfect as usual! His arts and craft skills in Language Arts class are fabulous. :)

I'm cheering for you!!! GO LANA!!!!

triguyjt said...

like you said...Priorities"

good luck getting the mo back

Darrell said...

Some things are more important. Roll with the punches and get back out there.

Hope the little guy is feeling better.