Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Can Still Rock the Long Run

2009 has not exactly been my year when it comes to endurance sports. I've struggled. I've battled with burnout, with time management, and with keeping my priorities in check. I've had times when I felt strong, and times when I've wondered who in heaven's name that girl was that did Ironman Florida last year. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon thinking this would give me a somewhat worthy goal, and a reason to put my running shoes back on with some consistency.


Consistency didn't happen. The mental fortitude I had developed over the last several years dissipated into the sheets that I stayed covered up in when the alarm clock went off. So a few weeks ago, about 4 weeks out from the marathon, I decided I'd make a run at a comeback. I got up early and had some good 6 - 8 milers, and then last weekend gave a 20 miler a shot. My longest run to that point had been a 13 miler.

I tanked.

Terribly. I felt like deja vu from the Rocket City Marathon in '07. Weak, nauseated, cold sweats, no energy. I don't know if this due to a particularly hard week I had, or a combination of things, but I couldn't go another step after about 12.5. My good friend, Jay, ran back to his house and gave me a ride back to my car.

Having a run like that haunts me from then until I redeem myself. So yesterday, I set out for redemption. It was raining when I got up at 4:00, but I really wanted to run. I had kept myself hydrated the days before and acted like the "old Lana" who prepared herself for the task at hand. I wanted to run. Thankfully, Tim wanted to run, too, and we took off in the sprinkling rain. It rained for the first 3 or 4 miles, and then stopped. I felt strong, and even when I didn't feel strong, I pushed on. I wanted that 20. Tim did the first 17 with me and had to go. I finished out the last 3 on my own. And ended up with a pace around 8:35.

That's right...this momma can still rock the long run. Bring on MCM! I'm only left with a 2 week taper and not much of a training base, so it's going to hurt, but bring it on anyway.


Nat said...

Woah. Awesome job! I couldn't pull a 20 miler out of nowhere - that's great!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! An 8:35 pace is solid. I think a 2 week taper is just fine. You'll probably do much better than you think. Without the solid weeks of training you'll probably be peeking just in time.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ditto with Nat, I couldnt do that either, good job

The Shedds said...

I'm glad you're going too. I think Mom's a nervous wreck about Dad running it. She keeps telling him this is his last marathon!

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Have fun Lana! I am not able to make it this year :( Will be cheering you on though!